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There are many legitimate reasons for upgrading your company?s enterprise network. The trick is selling those reasons to the executives holding your company?s purse strings. When you know it?s time for a network upgrade, you need more than just the technical facts?you have to arm yourself with a solid business case. Start with 10 tips that can help you sell the members of your upper management team on a network upgrade.
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To adapt your supply chain communication process to the demands posed by changing customer expectations, volume increases, and multiple communication formats, automating your supply chain is essential. Business community management (BCM) integrates the technology, business processes, and communication of the entire trading community to create end-to-end supply chain visibility. Learn how to use BCM for your enterprise.
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Safeway, the UK's fourth-largest supermarket, spends over ?100 million (GBP) a year on their information technology (IT )operations. Five years ago, Safeway transferred its offshoring operations to Malta-based Crimsonwing. Since then, Crimsonwing has undertaken some 200 projects for Safeway, including a sales data warehouse, an intranet portal, and an integrated transport solution designed in conjunction with IBM.
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Designed for the IBM System i and iSeries platforms, Inovis? BizManager400 provides secure managed file transfer of critical business documents like purchase orders, advance ship notices, and invoices. BizManager400can also serve as a single business-to-business (B2B) gateway for trading partner connectivity, community management, integrated mapping, and integration. Find out about the key capabilities of BizManager400.
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Organizations of all sizes are tasked with increasing efficiency and revenues in a timely manner. Naturally, this leads them to consider automation. The critical question then becomes: is it more beneficial to build a time and expense management solution or to buy one? Overwhelmingly, organizations have proven that buying a solution results in greater value and success.
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Learn how JE Mondou Ltd., a 33-store, Montreal-based pet food and accessory chain updated its retail IT system with a cost-effective, end-to-end ERP solution from Microsoft.
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Performance reviews are typically based on the definition of what an employee was originally hired to do. However, appraisal systems fail to address the fact that jobs change as the business environment evolves. Performance management systems should thus deal with critical focus areas rather than basic functions. Appraisal without these objectives in mind risks being a total waste of time.
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Learn how Grant Thornton achieved a 99.7% guaranteed IT asset tracking rate across a nation-wide network of leased computers to tightly control network endpoints, achieve regulatory compliance, and drive down total cost of ownership (TCO).
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An estimated two-thirds of IT projects aren?t completed on time or budget, while 15 percent are cancelled entirely. But your IT project doesn?t have to be a gamble. By knowing the most common causes of project failure, your company increases the potential for a successful project outcome. Learn more about how inadequate initial project planning can be one of your greatest obstacles to success?and how you can overcome it.
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The old approaches for collecting, assimilating, and delivering business intelligence (BI) data have not kept pace with today?s increasing demand for rapid decision making. Many companies use static reports and ad hoc queries, but fewer companies use dashboards and portals?which often lack the interactivity required for navigation and visualization of business data. Learn how a next-generation dashboard solution can help.
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To do their jobs, knowledge workers use the gamut of media and technologies. However, although the proliferation of new means to locate and access data has multiplied the amount of information available to these workers, it?s also made the efficient dissemination, management, and processing of data more burdensome. Find out more about how collaborative tools are?and aren?t?being used in the information-sharing workplace.
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Automation of human resources (HR) processes and integration across various functions can provide visibility into and analysis of the workforce. Having a single reliable source of information is key to enabling this visibility, which in turn can enable your company to align skills with business objectives. Learn more about how you can optimize your HR systems to meet your current?and future?human capital management needs.
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Today, businesses must work smarter, not just harder?and to do it, they must use information to compete. With growing demands on data resources, companies need to derive greater value from their existing information. But this information is often scattered throughout the organization. To survive in the current tough economic environment means building successful enterprise information management strategies. Find out how.
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This workbook is designed to help firms that are in the process of investigating their need for more advanced business management and accounting software. Companies have a wide variety of potential software and system needs based on their size and industry. Determining exactly where a company stands in terms of needs and current technology will be necessary for deciding the exact approach it should take toward upgrading. This document has two types of information designed to make this process easier: interactive self-assessment tools and educational text based on IDC research covering the small and medium business (SMB) and enterprise applications markets.
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Companies invest in information technology (IT) because they believe it will maximize their performance. The more a company knows about its customers, markets, supply chains, and internal operations, the more effectively it can pursue growth and profitability while avoiding risk and regulatory exposure. Unifying disparate systems with business intelligence (BI) systems, however, is not enough. For companies to truly differentiate themselves, they need to transform BI into business performance management (BPM) systems to leverage information discovered by BI and use it externally.
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