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Prominence of performance management methodology refers to the existence of and the level of importance within the organization of a formal performance management methodology.
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Performance reviews are typically based on the definition of what an employee was originally hired to do. However, appraisal systems fail to address the fact that jobs change as the business environment evolves. Performance management systems should thus deal with critical focus areas rather than basic functions. Appraisal without these objectives in mind risks being a total waste of time.
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When managed under a formalized risk management methodology, a subcontractor schedule is typically a risk analyzed plan that has been adjusted accordingly based on the degree of risk present in the scope of work.
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Are you on the front lines of product development and project management, and tired of seeing the same project failure statistics? Are you ready to do something to change your approach to requirements management? Then read about the three most common myths (plus a bonus myth) associated with requirements management, and how you can dispel them once and for all?for more successful products and project outcomes.
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Learn about a four-phase change management methodology that, when used with enterprise software, can help you detect, track, and analyze change—for continuous improvements and more budget for new projects.
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An estimated two-thirds of IT projects aren?t completed on time or budget, while 15 percent are cancelled entirely. But your IT project doesn?t have to be a gamble. By knowing the most common causes of project failure, your company increases the potential for a successful project outcome. Learn more about how inadequate initial project planning can be one of your greatest obstacles to success?and how you can overcome it.
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Enterprise feedback management (EFM) is the process of systematically collecting, analyzing, consolidating, and using all sources of feedback to improve your company and your overall profitability. EFM includes not only aggregating feedback from multiple stakeholders, across multiple channels, but also getting real-time, actionable information to where it?s relevant in the company. Learn more about implementing EFM.
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This Business Engine white paper provides a technical account on the process behind scoring, selecting, and scheduling the technology portfolio. The document offers additional insight into weighting criteria that should be considered as part of the portfolio management and optimization process. The document further provides insight into considerations for alignment, and how to know if the portfolio is in fact properly aligned with business objectives.
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Pixel Velocity, provider of video automation systems to governments and other organizations, grew from having one supplier to having dozens with which they needed to collaborate and source hundreds of components. Knowing operations were becoming too complex to be supported on spreadsheets, the company decided that using a dedicated collaborative bill of materials (BOM) and change management solution would be the smartest choice. Learn about the on-demand solution Pixel now uses.
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PMO Job #1 " Defining and Supporting Project Management Methodology First and foremost, most PMOs are responsible for the project management methodology. On the one hand this is obvious, but there is more to this responsibility than you might think. In general, the project management methodology refers to the processes, procedures, templates, best practices, standards, guidelines, policies, etc.
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Many aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturers are enjoying a competitive advantage because of early adoption of lean manufacturing tools. However, considerable differences still exist in performance among A&D companies. The best way for A&D manufacturers to achieve best-in-class performance is to use external domain expertise and enterprise resource planning (ERP) with lean-specific functionalities. Learn more.
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Too often, project-driven organizations are faced with a difficult choice: they can choose best-of-breed business applications and integrate them at great cost, or choose a fully integrated solution that lacks functional depth in key areas. Success management of your business and its projects requires integrated tools that also provide deep functionality.
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Understanding the full scope of risk in today?s complex business environment is a must for achieving compliance with governmental mandates and industry regulations. However, many companies have a limited perception of risk and struggle to make compliance an enterprise-wide, integrated process. Compliance is no longer a one-time isolated project; it?s an ongoing effort?and you?re just tens steps away from discovering why.
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Life cycle development can be a complicated and intimidating process for many organizations. Are you struggling to adapt the development process successfully to your own projects? Do you want to use various formal life cycle processes such as Agile, Incremental, Spiral, and Waterfall, or various informal processes, such as extreme programming (XP) and others? Are you burdened by the development process? This paper will explain how you can simply and easily adopt any life cycle process.
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IT has long been one of the best ways to address business challenges. Yet significant obstacles at the level of IT infrastructure stand in the way. Siloed IT operations and rigid IT management processes can impede business agility. When IT partners with the business to act less as a technology provider and more as a service provider, business objectives can be achieved more efficiently and cost-effectively. Find out how.
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