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com --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates Description Are you still using tape, compact disc, or zip drives to do manual data backups? If you still dont believe an automated online backup is the best way to protect your data, you should take a closer look.
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Find out how Emergent new solution helped it reconcile multiple currencies across multiple subsidiaries, reduce manual data entry and consolidation processes, and streamline revenue management.
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Data entry and error correction are key roadblocks to return on investment (ROI) from customer relationship management (CRM) software. Manual data entry is time-consuming, and reduces staff effectiveness by taking them away from potential sales opportunities. Automating data entry is one way to reduce missed contacts and incorrect details, and to increase the volume and accuracy of contact entry.
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Learn how the solution helped make manual data entry a thing of the past.
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--> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates Case Study Description A combination of manual data entry processes and the sheer volume of invoices it received every day was causing Northeast Utilities major backlogs in processing—as well as added payroll expense.
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A time-consuming paper shuffle, including tedious manual data entry, had to be replaced with an automated solution.
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An effective traceability system involves determining which product and manufacturing process attributes to collect and maintain?and deciding when during the manufacturing process to begin collecting those attributes. Do you begin with raw material attributes from the supplier, at inspection, at assembly, at shipping? Explore the many facets of meeting product traceability challenges using automated data collection.
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B2B Gateway Business Benefits Reduced handling costs , achieved through end-to-end electronic transaction processing that eliminates manual data entry even for smaller partners. Reduced inventory levels , with associated cash flow benefits, produced by the availability of up-to-the-minute information along the value chain. Faster transaction processing , resulting from automation of all processes and the elimination of bottlenecks associated with manual data entry.
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The most significant benefit is that of the reduction or elimination of manual data entry and the associated costs - both in terms of manpower as well as costs associated with errors in data entry due to manual processes. As businesses begin to consider deployments of new systems they invariable also review internal processes and procedures.
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Establishing a new reporting framework for all stakeholders involved in the financial close process to provide a broader range of possibilities and greater depth of analysis Where manual data entry processes exist, replacing them with direct integration between
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SUPPORT OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS AND PEOPLE Automate and Optimize for Faster Innovation To inspire innovation, your company should focus its resources on product development and service enhancement, not on manual data entry or transaction processing.
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Reduce costs Representative Results Reduce payroll by reducing errors Business case for one major airline projects a $250K annual cost reduction for automation of employee pay stubs alone Accelerate internal processes Auto parts manufacturer shortens cycle times from weeks to hours Reduce administration Less manual data entry helps manufacturer reduce administrative FTE count Labor forecasting and scheduling,
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Taking benefits enrollment online reduces the paper and manual data entry, can shorten the open enrollment period, and reduce the cost of open enrollment.
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As with the design process, change management often consists of manual data exchange processes between disconnected systems that inhibit speed and accuracy.
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An electronic change process eliminates manual data entry errors, streamlines routing, and allows all involved resources to view and sign changes simultaneously.
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