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Employees at Arrow were using spreadsheets and manual processes which made it difficult to support its large original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners (HP, IBM, EMC, Sun) and 1,500 member reseller network.
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The benefits of implementing RMS are clear—they can help increase profits, improve marketing strategies, automate manual processes, manage inventory, and—most importantly—make the customer experience more memorable.
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This means more work in less time, ensuring IT talent is responding to business needs—resulting in improved TCO metrics rather than time-consuming manual processes.
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name = TEC_WP; Case Study: Greater Visibility Gives Staffco a Competitive Edge by Maximizer Software --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates Case Study Description Staffco, employing nearly 20 high-level sales engineers, sought a customer relationship management (CRM) system to free itself from the manual processes of its 2- to 3-year sales cycles, with lengthy design and
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Unfortunately, many food manufacturers rely on inventory procedures that are peppered with disconnected technologies and inefficient manual processes.
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These companies wanted to avoid mistakes caused by manual processes, integration problems with other systems, and more.
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manufacturer of interior and exterior auto body repair and refinishing productswas managing its business with two software systems and various manual processes.
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Cultivating a board position involves more than presenting automated solutions to replace manual processes.
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Reducing reliance upon manual processes virtually eliminates potentially costly human errors and helps Ruckus Wireless speed time to market by approximately 10 percent.
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Several years ago, the company realized it wasnt covering its own needs: The nonintegrated software systems and manual processes Progress Paint was using to run its business were slowing its productivity.
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With BizManager, you can: Remove the risk of unsecured document exchange by replacing FTP and email transfers Assist in your compliance with regulatory bodies such as Sarbanes-Oxley Eliminate the manual processes of your current solution Guaranteed delivery of secure time-sensitive documents
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As your company outsources more frequently, sources more widely, broadens product lines, and strives to minimize time to market, your over-reliance on manual processes and documents is regularly tested.
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But in remote offices, the manual processes used in operating the tape backup system may not be as reliable. Tape backup usually involves a number of manual processes to label, load, unload, tension, ship off-site, reuse and erase tapes, in addition to running backup and restore operations.
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Eliminating manual processes significantly reduces the likelihood of errors and redundancy.
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Benefits of Automated ARRA Reporting Automated ARRA reporting provides organizations with many unique benefits: Extracts data from multiple sources, such as contracting and procurement, financial, federal grant, and service/utility sourcing systems Aggregates data into a single data universe using off-the-shelf configurations, reducing elaborate custom configuration Eliminates time-consuming manual interpretation and consolidation of unstructured data from sources such as Open SQL, text, Microsoft, Oracle, and Microsoft Excel files Maximizes the power of visualization with simple,
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