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Even in the same vertical, the Best in Class (BIC) companies are 72% more likely to have adopted Lean manufacturing processes for more than 5 years. This difference among the AD manufacturers points towards the fact that there is still ample room for improvement among the AD sector.
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complicated duck manufacturing process Maple Leaf needed a solution to balance inventory totals accurately Only a skilled software developer could capture the intricacies of the manufacturing process in
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Avoid the pitfalls of making the wrong decision by using this checklist to help you determine the software that best fits your manufacturing process. As a manufacturing company grows, so do its challenges... As a manufacturing company grows from small scale production to a full-sized manufacturing operation, management challenges grow along with it.
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Learn how a new manufacturing process management (MPM) system helped Grand River achieve its goals.
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name = TEC_WP; Error Proofing with RFId by Intermec --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Carefully tracking components and assemblies throughout the manufacturing process can prevent costly production and sequencing errors, but executing these procedures can be difficult.
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To maintain a leadership position in the high-tech complex equipment industry, electronic equipment manufacturers need reliable solutions to improve order accuracy, optimize fulfillment, and increase revenue for value-added services. Does your solution quickly commercialize new technology, integrate software with systems, and differentiate those systems with value-added services? Find out about what you might be missing.
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4) Inventory Optimization In automotive parts manufacturing, excess inventory is an unnecessary expense and contrary to the lean manufacturing processes the enterprises are embracing.
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Furthermore, key defense contractors and the Department of Defense are starting to request real-time visibility on order status to improve the performance of their own lean manufacturing process. The project focused on automating work-in-process visibility on the assembly line to report progress and needs to customers, management, and suppliers, while also reducing waste and delays in the manufacturing process.
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The global march toward making products and services more sustainable is gaining breadth and speed. No manufacturer will be left untouched by this phenomenon. To thrive in this new low-carbon world, you need to have a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of your products? environmental footprint?from raw materials to manufacturing to distribution to end of life. Learn about life cycle methodologies that can help.
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Learn how ByTec chose a solution that provided each part with a unique identity, complete with full traceability through the entire manufacturing process, enabling OEMs to identify faults, and avoid warranty costs.
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managed its low-volume, batch-manufacturing process with non-integrated manual and paper-based systems.
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In each case, the benefit is an improved and optimized manufacturing process to help the enterprise thrive in a challenging market.
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OEE and Traceability OEE also depends on an accurate traceability system that tracks individual containers and components as they flow through the manufacturing process, and can isolate problems with pinpoint precision.
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This will facilitate driving continuous improvement in the manufacturing processes and allowing all parties to reduce inventory by leveling the demand and making the supply process more responsive.
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Many process manufacturers are realizing that their production, inventory control, planning, scheduling, and costing systems are no longer adequate to support their business objectives. But replacing those systems with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be difficult when so many ERP systems were designed for discrete, not process manufacturing. Learn how you can avoid the seven fatal flaws of ERP selection.
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