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" Source : Access Commerce Resources Related to Configure-to-Order (CTO) process: Configure-to-Order (Wikipedia) Configure-to-Order (CTO) : Optimizing Selling and Ordering Processes for Complex Products across Multiple Sales Channels Configure-to-Order (CTO) process is also known as : Configure-to-Order , Configure-to-Order systems , made-to-order , MTO , made-to-order product , build-to-order product , build-to-order , BTO , Order Configuration , Configure
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If you answered "no" to this question, you probably arent in the market for mamanufacturing software; instead, a job shop package may be what you need. Check with your local consultant for more information on available job shop solutions. Does your company currently have some kind of mamanufacturing software in place? Yes.
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The challenge for corporations as they begin looking at software options is in understanding the differences between the two main types of manufacturing software: process and discrete. Companies that have limited information, especially small ones, start looking for software under the most basic parameters: usually budget.
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A discrete software solution for a process manufacturing company will inevitably fall short, but after you identify your manufacturing operation and requirements, what is the next step? Learn about what guidelines to follow when viewing manufacturing software to ensure your company needs are addressed.
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Heinz Frozen Food Company was set on improving its manufacturing and maintenance process efficiency, and knew that implementing a new enterprise asset management (EAM) system would involve monumental change for employees. Heinz choose a Web-based system to help it gain better visibility into processes and work towards more progressive lean manufacturing and lean maintenance practices for greater efficiency. Learn more.
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LEAP , lean manufacturing software , implementing lean software ,
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Consumer electronics companies of any size must deliver superior customer service, optimize performance, and design agile supply networks. When using business software to deal with these challenges, growing electronics companies face the same issues as larger companies, but also have concerns about cost and implementation speed. Learn how a new class of scalable solutions can meet the needs of electronics manufacturers.
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As a contract manufacturer, Western Electronics makes assemblies for its customers. This translates into a huge volume of data being exchanged?and an exponentially greater number of engineering changes to manage. The company was challenged to take control over its processes?especially bill of materials (BOM) management?and lead its customers into following best practices. With its new change management solution, the company is confident it has an accurate history and the latest revisions.
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For years, Sage MAS 90 ERP served Metrolina Greenhouses well as its accounting and distribution solution. But continued growth and expansion led it to seek a comprehensive warehouse management solution (WMS), to incorporate materials requirement planning (MRP) procedures and radio frequency identification (RFID) for better planning and control. Metrolina discovered Sage MAS 500 had the MRP software it needed. Learn more.
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Adaptiveness in the manufacturing sector depends on being able to push decision making to the shop floor. But that?s often easier said than done. However, manufacturing intelligence dashboards aggregate content from the full range of manufacturing systems into a single view of operations. These role-specific dashboards thus enable employees to manage manufacturing performance, and respond quickly to changes.
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Most articles about the pitfalls of software implementation projects highlight the mistakes made during implementation. Examples include poor project management, scope creep, uncommitted users, or lack of an executive sponsor. All of these areas of focus are valid, but often we forget that before starting the implementation, somehow we had to choose a package and sign a contract.
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Whether you?re in the process of re-evaluating your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) application or planning to install your first packaged system, your success depends on identifying ERP applications that have a strong process manufacturing foundation and can support your unique requirements with minimum customization. This guide links the unique operations of process manufacturing with ERP capabilities.
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Many process manufacturers are realizing that their production, inventory control, planning, scheduling, and costing systems are no longer adequate to support their business objectives. But replacing those systems with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be difficult when so many ERP systems were designed for discrete, not process manufacturing. Learn how you can avoid the seven fatal flaws of ERP selection.
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Vantage 8.0 is the next generation manufacturing solution developed by Epicor Software Corporation. It builds on the successes of the Vista, Vantage, Avant? and other associated discrete manufacturing product lines by introducing a total manufacturing solution for the midmarket. It is built to leverage the Microsoft? .NET Framework? and Progressreg? OpenEdge? Business Platform in order to provide a leading-edge technological solution that offers Epicor?s manufacturing customers a framework that will support their business needs now and in the future.
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Many companies are thus willing to consider a new alternative: on-demand manufacturing software.
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