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When it comes to acquiring business intelligence, small to medium-sized companies are often at a disadvantage. Compared to larger companies, they may lack the resources to process data and turn it into business insight, or their systems may not be able to keep pace with organizational growth. This can severely limit their ability to compete?and ultimately, to survive.
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This document provides system administrators and technical professionals an overview of how Surado SCM SQL Enterprise CRM Solution can be used in a High Availability Environment. This document assumes that you are planning on installing the Surado SCM SQL System on Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 Advanced Server and will be using Microsoft's SQL Server as the primary database.
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As one of the very early adopters of Microsoft products and technologies, Microsoft Dynamics NAV continues to use Microsoft products and technologies to help customers increase productivity, collaboration, and business insight. Instead of wasting valuable resources on integration, partners can focus on adding more customers and developing solutions that help small and medium businesses around the world achieve business success.
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As digital information has become more and more critical to businesses, firewalls?which once served as the walls of the fortress, have now become an archaic means of defense. Thus, as threats evolve, responses must change as well. Rather than focusing protection solely on perimeter security, it is imperative to look at protecting data at the source?inside the database.
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Organizational growth can come in many forms. It can be sheer increases in number of employees, customers, patients, members or constituents; it can involve launching new products, or entering new geographies; it can simply be increasing transaction levels. Regardless of form, managing growth confidently means relying not only on an organization?s people, but also on its business systems.
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The open architecture of Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a flexible solution for organizations implementing a business management system. The foundation is provided by the Dexterity runtime engine and Microsoft SQL Server, helping Microsoft Dynamics GP offer many features and benefits. These include an extendable architecture allowing add-ons and vertical enhancements?so that organizations can grow today and tomorrow.
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The ability to extract and present information meaningfully is vital for business management. Indeed, business intelligence tools enable companies to make better decisions, by providing the right information to the right people at the right time. Moreover, employees increasingly suffer from information overload, and require solutions that make informed decisions a more natural part of the everyday work experience.
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SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1 solutions are the next major release of business intelligence (BI) software from SAP. They include features ranging from reporting, query and analysis, and dashboards and visualization, to discovery and predictive analytics capabilities, as well as data quality and extract, transform, and load (ETL) functionality. Get a high-level overview of the new features in SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1.
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In August 2006, Microsoft conducted a Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 standard distribution benchmark to measure the performance and scalability characteristics of the application in a simulated distribution scenario. This benchmark exercised core accounts receivables scenarios around order entry through invoicing, in addition to procure-to-pay processes around purchase order creation through receiving of goods. We look at the methodology and results.
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Users of SQL Server value its power, speed, and affordability. But research shows that these users often face significant challenges in producing the business intelligence (BI)?reports, analysis, and dashboards?that they need to gain insight into their businesses. Learn how to evaluate three BI alternatives for Microsoft SQL users, and discover a new reporting and BI paradigm for SQL Server.
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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines the standard for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, and provides a rigorous testing process for software vendors. The AES certification process tests every aspect of encryption and involves millions of operations. Discover a solution that has achieved AES validation for all key sizes and modes of operation, on every major enterprise platform.
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Without data that is reliable, accurate, and updated, organizations can?t confidently distribute that data across the enterprise, leading to bad business decisions. Faulty data also hinders the successful integration of data from a variety of data sources. But with a sound data quality methodology in place, you can integrate data while improving its quality and facilitate a master data management application?at low cost.
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Daniel Mourand, CEO, chose Microsoft Great Plains sofware and, today, he does not regret his decision.
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SQL Server deployments can be large and complex. However, Auto-Snapshot Manager simplifies data management tasks and offers a comprehensive approach to SQL Server protection by providing both local and remote database protection, allowing for quick data recovery in case of data loss or site failure. Find out more about how Auto-Snapshot Manager can provide you with the safety net you need for effective disaster recovery.
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Although enterprise resource planning (ERP) software industry consolidation is nothing new, the constantly changing market dynamic affects product lifecycles, supportability, and ERP return on investment. In fact, you could say that it both creates new potential and contributes to old problems. Get a handle on what this changing market means for you, with this overview of industry consolidation pros and cons.
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