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the multiple sites Excess material inventories / lost material eiciencies caused by non-moving or non-visible inventory Inability to easily determine true cost of production for a selected part number as produced by each of multiple sites
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With channels covering Europe, America, and Asia, In-Win multiple sites were complicating its internal work processes—and increasing its communication costs.
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Implications Analysis Those companies that automate and streamline workflows across multiple sites including suppliers, partners, and manufacturing sites produced 66% more improvement in reducing total time from order to delivery . Yet, few companies take advantage of the technology available today that would support and sustain these collaborative efforts, leading Aberdeen to believe there is a huge opportunity for cost and productivity improvements.
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If a company has multiple sites that are fairly large, separate IP PBXes are installed at each location. The result is switches that operate more like separate silos than elements of a single voice system.
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Again, when you need visibility across multiple sites, several static pieces of information do not make for a complete picture or offer a "single version of the truth.
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In fact, nowadays, companies can manage an entire VoIP system across multiple sites with nothing more than a browser-based interface.
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Single ERP Those international companies running multiple sites using a single ERP package will
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And when the deployment spreads to multiple sites, the savings multiply.
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For example, you can setup a central replication site that receives data from multiple sites or data centers.
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This is especially important for any firm with multiple sites in different physical locations.
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The Need for a New Solution Supplying more carriers with an increasing number of units for multiple sites has meant less time for RIM to respond to changes in demand.
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Do you need to be able to define the formulas for these calculations? Do you have more than one billing formula per agreement? For example, you may have one formula that charges by the copy and another formula that adds on a monthly service fee Do you require a meter reading notification function that ensures that all meter readings are concluded and entered? Return Authorization Do you need to manage return
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The unique RapidResponse architecture connects directly to both front- and back-end systems, supporting standardization initiatives by leveraging existing infrastructure and providing a continuous flow of information across multiple sites to give businesses comprehensive, realtime insight and visibility.
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Lucent is also planning to migrate into the RapidResponse web environment, which will enhance its ability to collaborate with partners and enable users to access the application from multiple sites worldwide.
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But what type of ERP system is best suited to the needs of SMMs? Best Choice ERP: What Do Small to Mid-Sized Manufacturers Really Need? In a recent study, the Aberdeen Group found that companies that automate and streamline workflows across multiple sites, including suppliers, partners and manufacturing sites, produced 66% greater improvement in reducing total time to delivery and achieved a more than 10% gain in global market share.
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