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There are hundreds of anti-spam and anti-virus products designed to defend against unwanted e-mail. These solutions can take the form of software, appliances, or managed services. Managed filtering services are convenient and economical, and are also extremely effective in managing threats. In fact, most managed e-mail defense services block threats before they even reach the internal network.
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Images have long been part of e-mail communications?from corporate logos in signatures, to scanned documents, and more. But recently, spammers have started using a variety of techniques to embed unsolicited messages into images in order to bypass increasingly sophisticated spam filters used by companies and Internet service providers. The question is, what are you going to do about it?
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Malware infections are becoming more and more severe, making detecting infections before they infiltrate your server or desktop a high priority. Perimeter-based security keeps the malware?and the risks?away from your systems. Adding layers of security, particularly outside the network, can help you identify and stop Internet threats before they infect machines, expose sensitive information, and consume valuable resources.
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