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However, a three-dimensional protection (3DP) approach provides protection for clients, servers, and network infrastructure, while maximizing bandwidth for mission-critical traffic.
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name = TEC_WP; Securing Visitor Access Through Network Access Control TEChnology by ForeScout --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description The network infrastructure in today enterprises faces incredible challenges as both business processes and workforce requirements evolve.
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That means security must go beyond the desktop and into the network infrastructure itself.
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Delivering a toll-quality voice service means choosing the right IP PBX solution, an experienced systems integrator and thoroughly preparing your network infrastructure for the demands of voice.
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It is assumed that the Layer 1 and Layer 2 core network is a shared transport network infrastructure that is characterized by high speed, high reliability, high availability andhigh performance.
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Ease of management and use: As a key component of your company network infrastructure, a hosted security service should be easy for in-house IT staff to monitor and manage.
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This reliance upon Internet-delivered applications has also changed how businesses look at their underlying network infrastructure. On one hand, organizations understanding of how critical network infrastructure works has never been higher.
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The benefits of Quintum survivable approach to remote office VoIP include: Optimized reliability of voice service to all locations Lower capital provisioning costs Lower long-term technology ownership costs Undisrupted end-user work environments Elimination of VoIP project "surprises" Secure protection of network infrastructure Flexible support of changing remote office requirements
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However, businesses and consumers are under financial pressure, and the telecoms industry needs to invest in network infrastructure, technologies and capacity to meet ever-increasing customer demands whilst still delivering on shareholder expectations.
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Network-critical physical infrastructure includes power, cooling, racks and physical structure, security and fire protection, cabling, management systems, and service. To manage these key pieces of your network?s physical structure, you need to be able to manage devices individually. Find out how an element management solution can help you assimilate and manage the large volume of data necessary for network availability.
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If the implemented phone solution fails to meet basic expectations such as voice quality and uptime, there is a high possibility that you did not evaluate your existing network infrastructure adequately before carrying out the implementation. Perform a thorough application impact study to assess whether the current network infrastructure can effectively support applications that are responsible for voice quality and other related parameters.
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Scan Systems for Vulnerabilities A vulnerability scan tests the effectiveness of security policy and controls by examining network infrastructure for vulnerabilities.
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Network issues, such as system interaction with network infrastructure, are kept to a minimum.
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Leverages existing management skills and network infrastructure. Delivers performance comparable to Fibre Channel. Provides interoperability using industry standards. Implemented by the top system, storage, and network providers. With iSCSI, businesses can get a handle on storage administration expenses without retrofitting their existing network infrastructure or investing in hardware that quickly becomes obsolete.
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The playing field for server virtualization has become much more crowded over the last few years. It can be very time-consuming to digest each vendor?s marketing materials to find the right solution for your organization. That?s why you need to be aware of the main considerations and basic differences between the technologies, to find a starting point for technology evaluation.
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