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In this whitepaper, well discuss the market trends affecting vendors to the oil and gas industry, how these trends are affecting operations and specific ways that enterprise technology can automate the best practices that will ensure success.
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Discover how RFID can offer multiple benefits in production and distribution to companies in the oil and gas sector.
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name = TEC_WP; How to Optimize Your Oil and Gas Shipment Scheduling by SAP --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description The history of the oil and gas industry is one of meeting relentless changes and overcoming obstacles.
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There are seven core operational measures that can be leveraged to fine-tune a company?s business processes and achieve a higher return on capital employed (RoCE). Even modest gains in these measurements can spur a significant increase in RoCE. If the level of performance against each core operational measure rises by just one percentage point, for example, RoCE can nearly double.
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To play any popular online computer game, all a user needs is a computer and an Internet connection. But there?s a lot more going on behind the scenes than this gamer may realize. In order to interact in a shared virtual environment, the system the user connects to requires technology capable of creating, operating, and modifying persistent, distributed, three-dimensional virtual worlds.
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Oil and gas industry leader MODEC was already using Microsoft Dynamics SL for core financial activities. But as the company faced rapid growth, it began to look at how the technology could be used to improve other vital business processes. Discover how MODEC worked with the NexTec Group to hone those processes, identify areas for improvement, and propose and direct the technology initiatives to effect the needed changes.
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To optimize the efficiency of your processes and improve the accuracy of your forecasts, there an oil and gas software solution that offers automated functionality for invoicing and billing, and more.
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When the top management at Hamworthy Gas Systems realized that the company needed to prepare for considerable organic growth, and gain better control of its core and support business processes, they began upgrading the company?s IT systems. Learn how a new solution, encompassing project and contract management, engineering, procurement and material management, and more, helped Hamworthy gain new perspective on its future.
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To store its wealth of transactional data, Trail Operations employs an ERP solution comprised of JDEdwards, Process Data Historian (PDH) and EtQ systems. To ensure proactive rather than reactive business decisions, it is imperative that management at Trail Operations have reliable and timely access to this data. While their ERP solution met all of management?s data capture requirements, its cumbersome reporting capabilities proved inhibitive to providing the key performance indicator (KPI) information necessary for quickly recognizing trends and driving improvements.
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New technology in enterprise asset management (EAM) is changing the way multinational companies manage joint venture operations. With new growth opportunities in China, many corporations are looking at how to best take advantage of the low cost base and enterprising labor force. Learn how an American and Chinese joint venture at the Daning Coal Mine used Trans-lingual EAM to remove the language barriers to protect their $84 million (USD) investment.
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PEMCO Corporation, a manufacturer of high quality mining products for multinational original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), realized increased on-time delivery performance and reduced customer service costs while preventing product shortages through just-in-time material availability. The improved quality of information and improved flow of product through the plant has even resulted in revamped employee morale and job satisfaction.
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La mina peruana de propiedad del grupo Xstrata, adquiri? en junio pasado la soluci?n de Mincom. Luego de cuatro meses de trabajo y antes de lo esperado, la compa??a sueca finaliz? el proceso de implementaci?n y dio el vamos a este nuevo desaf?o, que reafirma el liderazgo de Mincom en el sector minero.
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Ecopetrol S.A., petrolera colombiana, decidi? hace una d?cada tener un sistema de informaci?n que permitiera administrar las actividades de mantenimiento y materiales. Despu?s de hecha la evaluaci?n necesaria de sus necesidades, realiz? una licitaci?n que fue ganada por la soluci?n Ellipse de la empresa australiana Mincom.
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Mine business planning is a time-consuming and complex task involving many participants, systems, and separate processes. It is often extremely difficult to precisely replicate a planning process from budget to budget, or to trace the origin of figures in consolidated reports. However, a sensitively deployed and fully integrated end-to-end solution can go a long way toward solving these problems.
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Endress+Hauser (e+h), an international group of specialists for measurement devices and automated solutions for industrial process engineering, implemented both mySAP CRM mobile sales and e-selling capabilities to reinforce its market- and customer-focused orientation. As a result, it saw a stronger field sales force and increased sales through the Internet.
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