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In today?s economy, executives face declining revenues and tough cost-cutting decisions. However, cost reductions alone are not enough to survive, especially for midsize companies, which often lack the resources needed to sustain a market downturn. Yet midsize companies can be much more agile?if they have the right information. Discover how you can improve performance with a business intelligence (BI) solution.
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It?s not easy for manufacturing companies to improve operating efficiency while responding to market changes. Improving productivity across business processes requires visibility, speed, and automation. The SAP Business All-in-One fast-start program can tailor SAP manufacturing software to your needs and roll it out quickly?and, it can be adapted to changing requirements. Find out how it can grow with your company.
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This white paper examines how a new generation of software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based business intelligence (BI) solutions is responding to the escalating challenges facing companies of all sizes today. It also examines various SaaS-based BI solutions that can help organizations satisfy the rapidly changing needs of corporate executives and end users as they work to achieve their business objectives.
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The most advanced business process management (BPM) applications bridge departmental and geographic boundaries, and manage the flow of documents and data according to sophisticated process rules. And while many would suggest that an on-demand BPM service offering would most benefit small businesses, a real case can be made that such offerings might be more valuable for medium and large businesses.
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As a fast-growing company, you have the same objectives as any business. But you?re probably finding it challenging to gain the control you need to achieve these goals without sacrificing your IT budget. And when you try to achieve control, it?s often at the risk of slowing down your business. Find out how having enterprise-wide visibility of your business processes and activities can put you back in the driver?s seat.
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is the leader in on-demand business software suites and has been named the fastest-growing software company in North America (source: Deloitte Fast 500 study).
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Fashion retailer Anchor Blue was looking for a way to increase supply chain visibility, reduce costs, and shorten the time required to get products onto store shelves. The company implemented the Inovis AS2 software solution to consolidate data from multiple partners into a single view. Learn how the new electronic data interchange (EDI) system helped reduce transaction costs and get merchandise into stores faster.
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Big Lots, the largest closeout retailer in the United States (US), needed a way to manage vendors, and get its products to stores as quickly as possible. The company chose Inovis Partner Performance Management?an on-demand, service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based solution?as its supplier management system. Learn how this solution helped Big Lots share data with vendors, reduce errors, and improve its supply chain.
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Persistent data quality issues between manufacturing and retail trading partners can trigger claims, delay inventory, drag down margins, and lock up working capital. Have you considered an on-demand supply chain solution? Find out how combining subscription-based software with the depth of real-time transaction monitoring and remediation might be the answer?before your revenue shrinks any further.
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When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) communications, two of the basic requirements for regulatory compliance are having a reliable network and a high quality dial tone. So why would you want to settle for anything less? To ensure that both are obtained, many companies are entrusting their data?and their compliance responsibilities?to the Inovis Multienterprise Expert Services Hub (MESH) platform. Find out why.
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For many retailers, the transition to global sourcing and demand-driven inventory models creates both opportunities and challenges. Supply chains are becoming longer, with a smaller buffer for mistakes or delays. To continually improve, you need to gain visibility across your partner community. Find out how a partner performance management solution can help buyers and sellers work together to improve business processes.
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SAP developed the SAP Business ByDesign™ solution, the most complete and adaptable on-demand business solution available to midsize companies, to allow companies like yours to adapt and to grow.
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Unlike any other on-demand business software, SAP Business ByDesign delivers the following: Transparency and control of the
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The number of steps involved in getting materials or products from suppliers to buyers makes inbound logistics an error-prone process. Each mistake costs you time, labor, money, customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, your competitive position in the marketplace. Learn how implementing a partner performance management program can help your company reduce the number of inbound-logistics problems, and minimize their impact.
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The need to transmit documents securely to business partners or within your own company is increasing rapidly. Critical, time-sensitive documents need to be secure and auditable, and delivery must be guaranteed. Learn how the Inovis BizManager business-to-business (B2B) gateway solution can help your company achieve a standardized, synchronized, and streamlined exchange of information, both internally and externally.
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