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Railion Nederland N.V. is an independent operating company of Railion Deutschland, the largest rail cargo transporting company in western Europe. The company transports almost 25 million tons, more than 70 percent of which is of an international nature. Railion needed a planning solution to overcome the drawbacks of its old system, which had been designed for passenger transport. Find out which system it chose, and why.
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For over eighty years, the Edlund Company has been a leading supplier of stainless steel appliances and equipment to the food service industry?a highly competitive sector with lean operating margins. In 2003, to uphold quality standards and gain tighter control over its manufacturing process and customer service functions, Edlund decided to replace its material requirements planning (MRP) software system.
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Today?s consumers expect that the products they order will be delivered in a timely fashion?so timely, in fact, that the demands are often far greater than a manufacturer?s capabilities. Being unable to meet order request deadlines can be costly for producers. Learn about a solution that can help: material requirements planning (MRP) software can ensure materials and products are available for production and delivery.
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ODG?s industrial division has a reputation for the design and manufacture of quality gears and transmissions. But back in 1991, ODG was using four separate systems for inventory, accounting, sales, and materials resource planning (MRP). The challenge was to combine all four into an integrated management system, with an emphasis on data integrity and scalability. Discover the solution ODG chose to help improve processes.
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With rapid growth and revenues exceeding $100 million (USD), Quality Bicycle Products is under increasing pressure to meet demand. To keep driving growth, QBP realized its forecasting capabilities and performance would need to be optimized. To help meet the needs of these efforts, QBP began looking at an inventory and demand planning solution. Discover more about the supply chain management (SCM) solution it chose.
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In a supply chain managed according to the theory of constraints (TOC), it is clear that there are so many common improvements that virtually all companies will benefit. It doesn?t take long for TOC companies enjoying greater sales and lower expenses to gain not only market share, but market dominance. Find out how you can work these principles into your organization with the help of a TOC solution for distribution.
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Have you come to the conclusion that your company needs a supply chain planning system? Do you need to provide management and other key decision makers with reasons why you need a supply chain planning system? One way that a supply chain planning system can help you is by enforcing best practices and processes. Get more details on this and 10 other reasons why you should implement a supply chain system that works for you.
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Yes?process manufacturers do face extraordinary business challenges. You need to effectively respond to market imbalances, supplier failure, and increased regulation and quality requirements. You also need an IT backbone specifically designed for process manufacturing?integrating supply chain planning, product lifecycle management (PLM), and enterprise asset management (EAM). Find out how to adapt to the ?new normal.?
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CAMACO, a leading seating systems solutions provider, needed to replace its outdated, unmanageable batch-process manufacturing resource planning (MRP) system with a completely integrated MRP/enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Learn how the company?s new solution addressed its network issues while reducing its existing burden of high maintenance costs and expensive hardware and software upgrades.
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To expedite planning production, many companies have gone the way of integration with a manufacturing resource planning (MRP) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Although these systems have paved the way in planning production, they can leave a lot to be desired. Learn how manufacturing production scheduling (MPS) can be enhanced by finite scheduling and advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems.
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Learn how Swiss-American Inc., a leading manufacturer of medical products, improved the accuracy of its inventory levels by adopting a new manufacturing system complete lot traceability, manufacturing resource planning (MRP), purchasing, and manufacturing projections.
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The biggest single issue in ERP is the failure of a successful implementation. It is mind-boggling to continually encounter companies who make major ERP gaffes in this day and age, especially since most of the trials and tribulations of MRPII implementation were suffered and learned from in the early 1980's with alpha, beta and gamma releases. The pertinent question is what are the main causes of ERP failure and what can be done to prevent this from happening to you? There are twelve major reasons for why companies get bogged down or fail in implementing ERP. This white paper addresses them.
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Groschopp initially purchased TCM in 1994 and subsequently expanded its usage to over 40 TCM licensed users and 12 data collection users. Groschopp has evolved into an expert user of the entire suite of TCM applications, including MRP, MPS, and Shop Floor Control with complex scheduling. One of their main objectives was the ability to bin track and optimize inventory, leading both to cost savings and also a more efficient operation.
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For food and beverage manufacturers, the failure to meet demand peaks can result in poor customer service, lost revenue, stockouts, brand erosion, and?in extreme cases?being delisted by a major customer. However, with stock build optimization, manufacturers can minimize the time and total value of the stock being held, and realize higher profits and working capital.
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A group of serial entrepreneurs was look?ing to jump-start business operations at a series of high technology startups by implementing advanced manufacturing software early in the business cycle. In implementing Expandable ERP at each of their startup companies, the entrepreneurs were able to minimize their risk by developing a repeatable methodology for establishing sound manufacturing operations.
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