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Storage system administrators are constantly battling with growing volumes of data. But can you create more space-efficient storage? You can. With a data virtualization solution like NetApp Snapshot, administrators can create point-in-time copies of data volumes?consuming only a fraction of the space normally required. Find out how using data virtualization tools can help reduce your ongoing data storage management costs.
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This enables you to dial back to any previous point in time to recover from a data loss incident.
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Restore options include: Restore Database This method restores the original database in-place, recovering the database volume to its state at a certain point in time.
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Management should determine the most appropriate business practices and processes for its business at a point in time, and select a product that supports these.
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A highly available IT infrastructure is a critical success factor for businesses in today?s fast moving and ?always on? economy. But the traditional approach to building high availability infrastructure is expensive to implement and rarely meets user?s service level expectations. Learn how technologies available in the Oracle Database 11g can help you avoid costly downtime and recover quickly from unavoidable failures.
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Isnt it cheaper to hire a consultant? Consultants can be a great resource, but their work is usually focused on a penetration test, which simply finds vulnerabilities at a single point in time.
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An effective traceability system involves determining which product and manufacturing process attributes to collect and maintain?and deciding when during the manufacturing process to begin collecting those attributes. Do you begin with raw material attributes from the supplier, at inspection, at assembly, at shipping? Explore the many facets of meeting product traceability challenges using automated data collection.
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Dashboards and reports provide at-a-glance information to sales executives and managers on performance at any point in time.
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Driving sustainable growth requires profitability-focused planning and performance management. Most companies have some type of profitability reporting?but many are investing a lot of effort to produce this information. And the limitations to the information companies currently compile may have a significant impact on decision making. Learn how automating profitability reporting can help your company improve decisions.
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Minimized procedural complexity means that administrators are less likely to miss steps or take short cuts that may increase the risk of an incomplete recovery of data at any given point in time.
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If risks are not managed, a company valuation will likely be affected at some point in time.
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Briefly put, budgeting is a way to understand the business at a point in time, while planning is a process for obtaining a forward view of the business, one that adapts to changes in market conditions, customer behavior, and resource availability.
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Users can also run the entire process application as it existed at a specific point in time, including models, rules, services, data, and forms.
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The data returned to the query always reflects the state of the database (including all committed transactions) at the point in time at which the query was submitted regardless of what other updates may be occurring while the query is running.
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The CMMS/EAM should allow quick and easy configuration at any point in time, to meet the specific needs of any given user among a diverse and ever-changing pool of stakeholders over the longer term.
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