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Software vendors have used license management for many years. Older approaches, such as key-file-based licensing or dongles, do have a number of drawbacks for both the vendor and the user. Product activation solves many of these problems, so is gaining broad acceptance. Learn more about product activation and licensing management, and why modern product activation systems are superior to other techniques.
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As consumer demand drops, many companies are being forced to lay off staff. That might help in the short term, but those companies still have to keep operations going, reduce costs, keep profits up, and produce high-quality products?only now with far fewer people. This in-depth guide offers nine product development strategies for your company to weather this downturn and prepare for the eventual economic rebound.
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Product activation is a popular approach for securing software licenses. However, software developers need to understand all the requirements for a capable activation system, from the license models they?ll need to support, to how to deal with the corner-case customer environments. Learn about the obvious, and not-so-obvious, issues software developers need to consider as they select a product activation system.
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name = TEC_WP; A Pocket Guide for Financial Services by CrownPeak --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates Description Youve made the effort and created a great brand—but how do you ensure it stays intact as you diversify across multiple marketing channels, and product and service lines? Combining Web operations into an integrated marketing tool for acquisition,
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Many companies now combine services in pre-packaged, high-value bundles to reduce customer churn rates. And these bundled services have proved to bring returns. But they also bring complexity?some major service providers may have over 150 product catalogs. Get tips on how to overcome the problems of bundling, and avoid catalog duplication in your product or service offering, with product information management (PIM).
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Get ratings for the overall market as well as market segments, and learn from a vendor product and service analysis.
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Social networks can help you gain customer input on product and service developmentand, of course, to reinforce brand messaging.
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Your managers can devote their attention to finding great applicants, enhancing employee performance, and supporting the training needed for new product and service initiatives. SUSTAIN THE MOMENTUM At the heart of every business is the desire to grow. Innovation creates the products and services that customers crave and opens up markets that provide a rush of growth-sustaining profits. That entrepreneurship – business at its best.
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To avoid this fate, successful industrial manufacturers are beefing up their business strategies and systems to ensure higher product and service performance levels.
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Most companies are aware that the buying processes of the world and its buyers are changing, but many have yet to recognize the need to make changes within their own sales force. Often sales professionals don?t have the proper skills or tools needed to be successful. But by integrating the four sales process components, they?ll be able to capture information that can be used to place them high above the competition.
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?Build it and they will come? is not a strategy for e-commerce success. You wouldn?t expect a new store to bring in business without advertising and promotion, so why would you build a Web site and expect it to boost business if nobody knows it exists? E-commerce must be supported with marketing and advertising. Learn about the other nine reasons why e-commerce fails and how you can overcome these pitfalls.
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Creating a great Website depends on strategy, and the investment of time and energy in continuous improvement. Learn how techniques like search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEM and SEO), maximizing lead generation, increasing conversions, improving customer service, and engaging target audiences can take your Website from good to great?and help you maximize return on investment (ROI).
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Outsourcing – Part of most Business Operations Outsourcing has provided management with a powerful tool in its arsenal to control cost and enhance product and service delivery.
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Successful demand-driven fulfillment manufacturing, include optimal channel and customer relationships, informed on-line buying and selling, order fulfillment, and integrated operational infrastructures. Manufacturers need to overcome challenges to demand-driven fulfillment by implementing a system that supports flexibility, openness, visibility, planning, e-commerce, collaboration, and integration where the ultimate objective is to minimize waste and optimize resources.
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For years, manufacturers have been driven by sales forecasts and the need to maximize production efficiency at every level of operation. But in order to be successful, manufacturers must look toward adopting a lean mentality. While lean techniques are more easily applied to some manufacturing styles than others, new software tools are now able to deliver the benefits of lean to both high-mix and low-volume operations.
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