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The promised benefits from implementing product configuration software are many and may seem too good to be true. However, companies that have successfully implemented a configuration project confirm its many rewards. Surveys by industry research firms further validate these claims.
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To reemphasize, a configurator is required core functionality because of the complexity, perhaps even the impossibility, of developing unique product configurations without adequate IT tools. Importantly, the steps of needs assessment, product configuration, and pricing optimization are almost indistinguishable.
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Given the complexity of Chief operations and the specific nature of its customers requirements—including hundreds of thousands of possible combinations for each unit—Chief decided to deploy an interactive selling and product configuration solution.
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ThyssenKrupp manufactures and configures custom elevators. To shorten sales cycles, reduce costs, and simplify ordering for agencies, distributors, and customers, ThyssenKrupp opted to implement the Cameleon Commerce Suite e-commerce platform and product configurator. Sales teams can now generate accurate real-time estimates and plans, and validate configurations for their customers using 3D visualization. Find out how.
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The challenge is allocating the time required for each department, phase and task because this product configuration has never before been designed or manufactured.
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Learn how integrating this e-commerce solutionwith product configuration functionswith its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system helped Invacare reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.
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Engineering and manufacturing change activities are synchronized and connected to impacted product configuration data in a single, integral system and driven by powerful workflow automation software-thereby ensuring overall process integrity. Additional benefits of this approach include: Shortened change and design cycle times Reduced scrap and design rework Traceable change and product configuration history throughout the design lifecycle Greater
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By not having simple processes or single product configurations, they are faced with barriers not usually encountered within the more repetitive manufacturing environment.
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Sales professionals, during the proposal process, can develop an accurate price and product configuration and test its suitability, tailor the order by understanding the customer buying priorities, and optimize the customer order through a cost and price waterfall analysis. Interaction center personnel, during the order process, can access customer orders and product configurations, available to promise, and service contracts.
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The OEM will have to create a "product configuration" or "product build" as the basis for physical production. Even for relatively simple products, the task of collecting all the correct information for a product configuration and build, and making it available for production in a structured way can be quite complex.
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Capstone is also planning direct portals for key partners, to provide, for example, a product configuration tool for sales and customers.
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"Configuration Solutions seasoned staff of experienced ERP, product configuration, business, program management, manufacturing, and technical consultants offers clients a wealth of
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Industrial companies need accurate information from across the organization and actual costing from similar projects, variant product structures, rules-driven parametric product configurations, estimating, and proposal management.
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Benefits of a Configurability Strategy Many benefits including cost reductions are synergistic; benefits created during product development also catalyze additional benefits that become apparent during the following two phases: The LTO Process - Many of the benefits linked with using a configurator surface now, including: Increasing revenue by up-and-cross selling, particularly on higher margin options and accessories Cutting quotation response time and costs to a minimum Generating a valid product configuration quickly and accurately
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