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Just as there are factors that contribute to the breakdown of the product innovation process, so there are factors that contribute to its success. The following examines some of these factors in greater detail. Flexibility A workable process for front-end product innovation should provide structure, but also flexibility.
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Food and beverage producers need to effectively address the impact of industry-specific requirements and legal mandates on their businesses. Since 2002, the greatest legal impact is in the critical process of handling product recalls. Explore your options for minimizing and eliminating threats to your business?be ?emergency ready? by better managing quality control processes and food traceability data. Find out how.
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To achieve profitable growth, companies are turning toward product innovation. Innovative products that are in tune with customer needs lead to higher sales volume and command higher prices. However, trends in manufacturing and design have made developing innovative products much more difficult. The product innovation environment has fundamentally changed.
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name = TEC_WP; Turning Customer Experiences Into Competitive Edge: Nikon Journey to Leadership by RightNow Technologies --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Many of the familiar avenues for gaining a competitive edge, such as product innovation or speed-to-market, are not as effective as they once were.
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In addition, it required advanced business applications for continued focus on product innovation and expansion into new geographic markets.
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Learn how focusing on product innovation, data integration, and process optimization can help your company satisfy customer needs while meeting compliance standards.
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For fast-growing medical device companies, Oracle Accelerate offers a comprehensive software solution that drives compliance, product innovation, manufacturing excellence and program driven supply chains through automated operations and informed decision making.
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Old-world quality is great for a chocolate manufacturer, but old-style business systems are not. Hauser Chocolatier learned this the hard way, struggling for years with DOS-based accounting software. Needing a seamless flow of information from a system that would accommodate Hauser?s unique pricing structure, the company chose Sage MAS 90. Find out how Hauser uses this accounting solution for more than just accounting.
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has emerged as a significant foundation for collaboration and product innovation. The 2007 Microsoft Office system and related technologies help drive product innovation through improved collaboration, efficiency, and compliance.
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The IT investments that have allowed firms in process industries to increase the efficiency of their operations and supply chains have also created vast stores of data. Unfortunately, many companies are still unable redeploy that data to drive innovation. Learn how the next generation of business intelligence (BI) tools can help your company gain a competitive advantage by harnessing the information IT systems generate.
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New product development and introduction (NPDI) is probably the most important process for many companies, but also one of the least understood. While NPDI is responsible for revenues, few companies assign an owner for the whole process. Instead, it is usually driven through a series of functional ?silos,? causing delay?and the loss of the original market requirements.
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Lean and "green" While product innovation, time to market, and quality improvement have long been a visible
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For fast-growing complex equipment manufacturers, Oracle Accelerate offers a comprehensive software solution that drives compliance, product innovation, manufacturing excellence and program driven supply chains through automated operations and informed decision making.
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Easy to use and intuitively structured, these solutions foster product innovation and innovation management.
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Many manufacturing companies have adopted or are considering the adoption of a demand-driven strategy. However, if you want to be demand-driven, you aren?t going to achieve it without adopting many of the tools, techniques, and principles that commonly reside within all of them. Some philosophies require a more intense re-engineering of processes and products than others. This paper addresses the various components and strategies for becoming a demand-driven organization, and how Cincom?s solutions can help you achieve that goal.
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