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Small to medium businesses (SMB) want to stay competitive, increase revenue, and remain profitable at the same time. This can be a challenge. Whether companies find this challenging because of a slow economy, market saturation, or other reasons, many companies are re-evaluating business strategies and internal processes to overcome these obstacles. For many successful companies, creating a customer-focused business strategy was the first step. Learn how leadership and customer relationship management software can help breed corporate success.
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As a demand-driven manufacturer, you know how crucial up-to-date information is. But when shop floor data is collected with pen and paper, then transferred manually to multiple databases that aren?t always connected, you risk having your data uploaded after it?s needed. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can ease data integration. But first, separate the myths from the facts of bridging ERP and the shop floor.
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These approaches include product affinities, cluster sampling using demographic data, discovery of response profiles, prioritization based on offer profitability, and predictive analytics covering customer behavior and likelihood of offer acceptance – all executed in real time.
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Manufacturers face a challenging environment with scarce credit, pricing pressures, and increasing costs. Critical to success is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that aligns operations and production with finance?allowing manufacturers to deliver quality products at competitive prices. Discover the key areas necessary for creating value and profitability through real-time monitoring of financial conditions.
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Today?s extensive use of data collection tools coupled with the easy access to communication networks has woven more devices and systems into the fabric of our daily lives. As the scale of integration and complexity grows, so does the need for the appropriate paradigm to address it. In order to scale, system software architecture must be organized around a common-shared information model that can span multiple systems.
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TEAM Industries needed an integrated, real-time system to handle all aspects of its manufacture processes. Implementing Epicor?s Vantage enterprise resource planning (ERP) system gave TEAM real-time access to customer requirements, so TEAM can manufacture?and deliver?products faster. Real-time data access has also accelerated internal communication. Find out other ways TEAM benefited from Epicor?s integrated system.
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This white paper discusses how session initiation protocol (SIP), real-time transport protocol (RTP), and extensible messaging and presence protocol (XMPP) can work together to harness the unique strengths of each protocol within and across applications. Each protocol has a role in powering the real-time Internet, and this paper highlights how they complement each other to create a whole solution.
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Life sciences manufacturers face new pressure on operations from many directions, including market needs, compliance requirements, and the transition to new IT technology. Many companies recognize that improving performance demands better sync with the plant floor and more accessible data. A real-time performance management solution can help drive excellence in manufacturing performance via better integration. Learn how.
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Imagine the difference in sales opportunity management if this data was delivered as a static monthly report lost in the wave of email versus a real time interactive report right there at the customer door step. The field service personal are in a similar situation to the sales team. They need to have an accurate understanding of the customer record and history for them to do their job effectively.
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For this reason, Global Shop is a complete package where accounting and manufacturing are all tied together in real time and in one single and easy to use database-it simply one-stop ERP shopping for us, and it makes cost accounting an important part of our daily management.
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The old approaches for collecting, assimilating, and delivering business intelligence (BI) data have not kept pace with today?s increasing demand for rapid decision making. Many companies use static reports and ad hoc queries, but fewer companies use dashboards and portals?which often lack the interactivity required for navigation and visualization of business data. Learn how a next-generation dashboard solution can help.
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Fashion retailer Anchor Blue was looking for a way to increase supply chain visibility, reduce costs, and shorten the time required to get products onto store shelves. The company implemented the Inovis AS2 software solution to consolidate data from multiple partners into a single view. Learn how the new electronic data interchange (EDI) system helped reduce transaction costs and get merchandise into stores faster.
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To achieve operational excellence, process manufacturers must be able to control costs while meeting customer expectations. Best-in-class process companies provide visibility into manufacturing operations while using real-time interoperability between manufacturing systems and business systems. Discover how best-in-class process manufacturers accomplish this, as well as other characteristics that help them succeed.
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Despite increased use of key performance indicators (KPIs), supply chain managers? measurement initiatives continue to come up short. Because of their retrospective nature, KPIs offer little value to today?s complex supply chains. But several market-leading companies are using network-wide KPIs, supported by real-time alerts, to flag problems early, intervene as needed, and improve business results. Find out how.
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Thus, in order to effectively manage IT infrastructures, service manager need tools that allow them to make assessments in real time.
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