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Rich?s legacy IT systems could not interoperate with platforms and applications among departments, preventing a single, centralized view of the product development process and limiting collaboration. The company decided it needed a new product lifecycle management (PLM) system to integrate and accelerate PLM processes. Rich?s new system supports research and development (R&D), formula management, and more.
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Fair Isaac Corporation?s FICO scores?the global industry standard for objective, profitable risk assessment?are the most widely used consumer credit scores in the world. Fair Isaac was using a simple in-house license manager to protect new installations of the FICO score, but as new implementations spread around the world, the company decided it needed a new system to manage its licenses. Learn about its chosen solution.
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Agitar provides Java testing solutions to its customers around in the world in various industries. Agitar has been using a network licensing platform since 2004, and now offers floating licenses from a re-distributed server, with stand-alone license server or embedded options. Unlike other license servers that can?t be embedded, there?s no separate licensing process. Learn how this benefits Agitar?and its customers.
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With rapid expansion underway, Saudi Arabia-based logistics provider Al Majdouie Group?s custom-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) and point of sale (POS) systems just couldn?t keep up. When the company began looking for a replacement solution to satisfy all of its requirements, Al Majdouie turned to TEC. Learn how TEC?s methodology helped Al Majdouie evaluate three tier-one ERP solutions, quickly and impartially.
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Flakeboard's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system could not communicate effectively amongst its global sites. To address this challenge, and to manage growth, the company worked with Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) to perform a detailed comparison of vendors' solutions. Read more about how TEC's expertise helped Flakeboard reduce the costs, risks, and time involved in the vendor selection process.
Related to Related to Case Study: Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Technology Evaluation Centers
Following several acquisitions, Colombia-based ceramics manufacturer Corona found itself with multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to manage. To find a single ERP solution that was suitable for all of its facilities, and would integrate with its existing business software, Corona turned to Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC). Learn how TEC?s selection methodology helped Corona choose the right ERP software.
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Pronto Software?Australian vendor of software meeting the needs of a range of vertical industries such as retail and food and beverage?wants to ensure it sustains profitable growth. To find partnerships with value-added resellers (VARs) in North America and in other markets, Pronto relies on Technology Evaluation Centers? (TEC?s) software industry programs. Learn about the other ways Pronto benefits from using TEC.
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Engraving materials supplier Johnson Plastics needed a way to stay ahead of the competition. To leave a lasting impression on customers, Johnson knew that fulfilling its promise of next-day shipping was priority number one. But an outdated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was preventing Johnson from realizing that goal. Learn about the solution the company chose to integrate its entire multiwarehouse operations.
Related to Related to Case Study: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), VAI
Martin?s Wood Products, producers of solid wood furniture for over 20 years, is a family-run business that has aimed to keep pace with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) advances of the 21st century. To bring costing under control, and to automatically place accurate and consistent work orders on the shop floor, the company uses an ERP and product configurator solution. Learn more about how the solutions help the company.
Related to Related to Case Study: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Inventory Analysis and Planning, Inventory Management, Job Costing, Job Scheduling, Shop Floor Control, Tracking, Global Shop Solutions, Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems, global manufacturer and distributor of medical products, has more than 1,500 finished goods, many of which are assembled in one factory and sterilized in another. With so many products and steps in the supply chain, supply and demand planning abilities are key to smooth operations. Find out how the company saved $1 million (USD) with forecast management and requirements planning solutions.
Related to Related to Case Study: Demand Management, Distribution and Warehousing, Forcasting and Planning, Inventory Analysis and Planning, Supply Chain Event Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Demand Solutions, Manufacturing
Aside from geographic challenges, Kyocera?distributor of document management devices?also grapples with three-month lead times, purchase-order constraints, and stocking commitments. Forecasting accuracy is critical to a company that has to manage frequent model changes and short life-cycle products. Find out about the demand and forecast management solution the company uses to ensure consistent and accurate reporting.
Related to Related to Case Study: Demand Management, Forcasting and Planning, Inventory Analysis and Planning, Inventory Management, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Production Planning, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Demand Solutions
Kempe, a provider of innovative engineering solutions and services for a variety of industries, was using separate systems to manage the financial and operation aspects of the business. These systems were out of date and made accurate financial reporting almost impossible. With the help of a value-added reseller (VAR), Kepme implemented a centralized, integrated solution that stores information in real time. Learn more.
Related to Related to Case Study: Accounting and Financial Management, Data Management and Analysis, Distribution and Warehousing, Operations Planning, Project Management, Software Selection, DynamicFit Business Solutions, Manufacturing
As a successful, rapidly growing apparel company with seven separate divisions, Maggy London needed to streamline its product development lifecycle, improve communications, and eliminate duplication of work. Find out how the company was able to select product lifecycle management (PLM), global sourcing, and inventory control solutions that helped it streamline daily operations and become a more efficient organization.
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To reduce time to market and realize the full value of its intellectual property, Cadbury plc needed to ensure compliance with government regulations. The company launched a long-term data management strategy, which included storing all data in a central repository?a product lifecycle management (PLM) system. Find out how Cadbury not only ensured compliance but also improved its response to consumer and customer queries.
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With over 25,000 customers, Holland Bulb Farms of Wisconsin (US) needed a more efficient way to sell and market its gardening items on the Web. The company wanted an integrated system to keep track of its growing number of transactions, expenses, and purchases. With Everest, the company found the all-in-one solution it needed?and within the first month of going live, saw a 300-percent return on investment. Learn more.
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