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Contents Introduction The complexities of protecting remote data Applications Risks Recovery considerations Backup and recovery solutions and technologies The limitations of tape backup in remote offices Data protection and recovery solutions from IBM Integrating remote and central operations Summary For more information About Tivoli software from IBM Introduction Remote or branch offices are increasingly at the front lines of
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There are several reasons that these analog devices can be more commonly found in remote offices than in corporate headquarters. For example, companies that centralize their facilities management operations will use such devices to monitor conditions in remote offices - even though no such devices are used in the company headquarters.
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However, whether you are deploying to small remote offices or to large core sites, it is vital to establish standardized procedures.
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name = TEC_WP; Simplifying Secure File Transfer: Selecting a Best-in-Class File Transfer Management Solution by Coviant Software --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Corporations share data with a variety of remote offices, trading partners, customers, and regulatory agencies.
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Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services have created the virtual office, allowing workers to connect and collaborate wherever they are. A VoIP network consolidates audio, video, Web conferencing, and data into one communications server for a flexible, efficient system that enables your employees to share information more easily. Discover the four advantages of VoIP solutions, for a remote?and more productive?office.
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IP voice switches designed specifically for voice can each incorporate a complete call processor — even small models aimed at remote offices requiring eight ports or less.
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This makes it easy for users to share insight with remote offices, suppliers, field sales organizations, partners, and customers.
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When deploying IP telephony to remote offices, ask the service provider which partners they use to deliver these services and if their partners will also support the SLAs.
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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Fast Back, a next-generation data protection and disaster recovery solution, which helps mid- and large-sized organizations establish around-the-clock protection of mission-critical applications in data centers and remote offices.
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Deployment scenarios For some organizations, a SaaS ERP system is a strategic response to issues such as cutting the cost of entering new markets, getting better visibility into subsidiaries or bringing automation to remote offices and mobile workers.
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Most of these advanced features come under areas like helping with remote offices and remote users, or programmability and flexibility of the system.
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This Web Acceptable Usage Policy governs all use of (Organization) network and web access at headquarters, remote offices, hotels, airports, employees homes, and any other location.
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As SMEs expand with remote offices, suppliers, and customers all over the world, businesses will increasingly leverage enterprise
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Enterprise business will find that remote offices might have very different traffic patterns and requirements than the corporate headquarters location.
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