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Finance professionals who plan, budget, and forecast in an SAP environment always need to drive additional value from their SAP solutions. One of the most pressing challenges is extending SAP functionality with a planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that offers critical modeling and analytic capabilities for improved financial performance management. Learn how a business intelligence (BI) solution can help.
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Unencrypted communication between users? workstations and the backend SAP servers is a significant vulnerability to your SAP environment. This can put the confidential data inside your SAP systems and your entire business activity at risk?and have a negative impact on your customers. Find out how to reduce business risks and improve audit results through encrypted communication and two-factor user authentication for SAP.
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This white paper is a transcript of a webinar hosted by SAP Insider and presented by IBM Cognos Software. In it, you?ll find out how Tellabs Inc., a billion-dollar telecommunications provider headquartered in Napierville, Illinois (US), deployed IBM Cognos 8 business intelligence (BI) in their SAP environment in order to gain insight, extend information access, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.
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On top of the many challenges faced by IT managers today comes yet another challenge: ensuring efficient and secure user access to SAP. Because of the unencrypted communication between users? workstations and the backend servers, the SAP environment?and the confidential data it stores?become vulnerable. With a secure single sign-on solution to SAP, however, you can significantly improve the security of this environment.
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You needn?t be a seer or sage to perceive risk?it?s as predictable and devastating as a Florida hurricane and as far-reaching as a corporate scandal. But you do need to be a visionary to see the underside of the risk coin. This side represents opportunity, competitiveness, and growth. Find out why insight into managing two types of risk, rewarded and unrewarded, can help you explore opportunities for growth and profit.
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Issues of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) affect nearly everything life sciences companies do. But you shouldn?t approach GRC in an ad hoc manner?implementing point solutions one after another in response to regulatory demands as they arise. This is inefficient and costly?and may result in non-compliance, due to lack of transparency. Learn how an enterprise-wide GRC approach to compliance management can help.
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Fusion UV is the world s leading producer of ultraviolet curing equipment. Its outmoded legacy system couldn t handle the company s complex manufacturing system, and was threatening Fusion s ability to meet its promised delivery dates. By implementing FastTrack, a mySAP All-in-One partner solution, it improved accuracy in pricing, shipping, and purchase order processing.
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With increased mergers and acquisitions at the global level, organizations have started recognizing the benefits of upgrading to a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform and a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Learn how different approaches to ERP system and architecture upgrades can help your company drive down costs, raise employee productivity, and produce meaningful business process improvement.
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IT has long been seen as one of the best ways to address the challenges of the business environment. Yet the complexity and rigidity of IT infrastructure keep IT from fully serving the business. IT could better help serve your customers and reduce business costs if it were provided as a service. Find out more about IT service management standards and best practices, with a focus on SAP?s approach to IT optimization.
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IT investment continues to grow, as do the solutions that are funded by it. So far, this growth has contributed more to complexity than simplification. Standardizing on enterprise solutions can help companies manage this complexity and focus on their number-one priority: enabling business intelligence (BI). The use cases presented in this whitepaper highlight ways that your company can benefit from standardization.
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