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protect sensitive information from data breach. Many organizations have tackled mobile computer security with corporate policy, others with encryption technology. Both strategies are heavily reliant on end-user diligence to remain effective. Only the introduction of end-point security the ability to force mobile computers to secure themselves offers end-users the freedom to embrace mobility and IT departments robust protection for sensitive information.
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Using data masking, a technology that alters sensitive information while preserving realism, production data can be eliminated from testing and development environments.
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Data masking secures enterprise data by eliminating sensitive information, while maintaining data realism and integrity.
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Critical business processes in biotech and pharmaceutical companies involve highly confidential documents that need to be safely accessed by external partners and potential licensees. Poor security measures, based on a traditional view of data security, have led to high-profile security breaches. Discover new ways for life sciences companies to conduct important business securely without being impeded by IT complexity.
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This VeriSign white paper explores the latest developments in website security that online businesses should consider to build consumer confidence, protect their valuable brand, safeguard sensitive information, and increase transactions.
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Security controls enabled employees to process orders without access to sensitive information, and the company saved up to twelve hours a week when processing daily activities.
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name = TEC_WP; E-Mail as Intellectual Property by Quocirca Ltd --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description E-mail is more important to companies than ever, since sensitive information is e-mailed both inside and outside the organization.
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name = TEC_WP; What You Need to Know About Payment Card Industry Standards by Rapid7 Security --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description We don't like to be reminded that there are people who thrive on the theft or malicious destruction of sensitive information, especially where financial transactions are concerned.
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Adding layers of security, particularly outside the network, can help you identify and stop Internet threats before they infect machines, expose sensitive information, and consume valuable resources.
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Every day, sensitive business information finds its way into the wrong hands?through external breaches or internal theft. Such data is highly regulated, and any risks of exposure can result in stiff penalties and legal liabilities. Many of these security risks lie in the test/dev environments, and as such require a solution that protects data application clones from unauthorized access without jeopardizing its integrity.
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As such, today business climate needs to find better ways to collaborate—without compromising sensitive information.
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For one thing, you need to ensure it supports your methods of handling confidential and sensitive information—to adhere to internal security and privacy policies and to government mandates.
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But are you aware of the identity requirements for access controls and audit for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications? Or about the compliance regulations governing sensitive information in SaaS and cloud applications? Discover how to address the needs of SaaS and cloud-based identities.
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Unfortunately, these tools and databases open a new point of loss for sensitive information.
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This combination is necessary to quickly and effectively locate and recover assets containing sensitive information. Asset tracking capabilities help prove that an organization had the device in its possession and was capable of deleting sensitive data. A BROADER APPROACH Encryption combined with powerful asset tracking and recovery tools ensure superior protection for sensitive information.
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