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If youre not already using a service and maintenance application, you may be at a critical juncture in your business, when your manual system will no longer support the pace of business. Or you may already have some software support, but youre finding that it no longer fits the size, quantity, or complexity of your current activities.
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Small to medium businesses (SMBs) often face the same challenges as large businesses?just on a smaller scale. One such challenge is finding a business solution that manages expansion and addresses complex reporting and compliance issues. Many SMBs are now adopting enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions?complete with tools to help them meet the current and future needs of their growing business.
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As manufacturers outsource work that takes place before the sale, they often derive more of their revenue from after-sale service and maintenance fees.
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Buy and maintain or license-based - This model requires the enterprise to purchase and install the PBX system at its site, then pay an annual fee for service and maintenance of software and hardware.
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