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IT managers realize that service-oriented architecture (SOA) projects are no longer an ?if??they?re a ?when.? SOA can help achieve your number-one goal: aligning IT with business. If you?re in the consideration and planning stage, you?ll need some practical strategies for a business-driven SOA deployment. Find out how packaged solutions can accelerate SOA deployments, ease the burden of SOA management, and more.
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Anyone even peripherally exposed to business media that touch on enterprise application technology has seen the term service-oriented architecture (SOA) bandied about in advertisements and articles. Given the central role of SOA in information technology, it is important to get beyond a buzzword level understanding. There are three key concepts surrounding SOA: granularity, Web services, and change management.
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Managed well, service-oriented architecture (SOA) offers a tremendous opportunity to make positive changes and lay a foundation that will allow IT to become responsive and cost-effective. But SOA is also a potential minefield: hype is raising expectations beyond reality in an environment that is already stressed. In fact, managed poorly, SOA can be an expensive and spectacular failure.
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Time was, information technology (IT) systems lasted much longer. Organizational restructuring was uncommon, as business did not really require it. However, with ever-shrinking business cycles, IT must now be capable of quickly adapting to changing business needs. That?s why present-day IT systems must be built to change?and services-oriented architecture (SOA) may just hold the key.
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Within the manufacturing community, the arrival of the latest, greatest enterprise software technology is often met with skepticism. The right service-oriented architecture (SOA) application, however, can reverse such doubts, as SOA continues to emerge as the dominant technical platform for building next-generation business applications. Its potential to transform enterprise software applications is not only well hyped?it?s also well documented.
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Leading IT departments are becoming service oriented Think of service-oriented architecture (SOA) , enterprise service bus (ESB) , and Web services as trends that point to the direction IT is headed.
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Service oriented architecture (SOA) is a term that is still not well understood by many enterprise executives and managers; however, it requires direct interaction between these two areas. The relationship between enterprise resource management (ERP) and SOA is a meeting point for these areas. Business owners, executives, and managers can lead their enterprises to greater profitability and efficiency by understanding SOA.
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For many owners, executives, and managers, service-oriented architecture (SOA) has not been clearly defined. Some may have heard the term, and may even have read some of what has been written regarding SOA, but most have not had that opportunity. For many, SOA has been left to the IT department. We explain what it is and why it?s important.
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Manufacturers in make-to-order and mixed-mode production environments must satisfy increasingly demanding customers by continually reducing lead times, increasing quality, and reducing costs. To achieve a competitive advantage, they must optimize their internal operations and the entire supply chain. So what qualities do their enterprise applications really need to make the grade? Service oriented architecture (SOA) may just be the key.
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The capacity for service-oriented architecture (SOA) to provide a framework for next-generation enterprise telecommunications services has become a reality through the maturing of Web services technology. Such communications services can now take their rightful place alongside collaborating business processes to allow enterprises to achieve a fully integrated SOA, an architecture that can grow with the business and grow with technology.
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Information management, which includes both data and content management, is an essential element of service-oriented architecture (SOA). Taking a service-oriented approach to information data can thus help you achieve greater value from your information assets. Implementing master data management (MDM) services can provide a multiplier effect, by delivering high-value business services over and above information integration services.
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With ever-changing technology, businesses often spend too much time and money trying to sustain their outdated systems. But is it possible to maintain a legacy system without the substantial costs of frequently updating it? By adopting service-oriented architecture (SOA)?which provides a suite of automated tools and services for migrating and extending legacy platforms?businesses can maximize quality and minimize costs.
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To solve your data-intensive problems and deal with data storage tasks, you might consider a two-tier method. How? By using service-oriented architecture (SOA) to make distributed systems interoperable. Why? SOA can optimize data storage architecture, transparently and securely, to maximize and optimize access to large quantities of data. Learn about other benefits, and the steps that are best for your IT infrastructure.
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Enterprise SOA goes beyond the fundamentals of a service oriented architecture (SOA) .
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