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Sales force automation (SFA) solutions hold plenty of promise for companies looking to empower their sales representatives. In addition to providing timely data, SFA solutions can help managers better forecast future sales, and provide senior-level managers with accurate performance assessments. Find out what to look for in a SFA solution, what you can expect to pay for it, and how you can get the most value from it.
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No matter how effective your sales staff is, there?s always room to boost efficiency and increase sales. But how you go about doing so may be a point of contention. Sales force automation (SFA) solutions come in many flavors, but they don?t all offer the comprehensive SFA functionality you need. Find out how to avoid the pitfalls of choosing SFA software, and get help matching your needs with the right solution for you.
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Companies spend staggering investments to make and keep their offerings competitive. By providing a centralized location to store account history and detailed contact information for every buyer and automating what had been manual tasks, sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM) have begun to positively impact sales efforts.
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For decades, solution-selling and marketing methodologies have used the principle of identifying pains associated with business processes, in order to create urgency and demand for products and services. With the foundational premise that marketers need to drive more revenue while optimizing marketing investments, successful business-to-business (B2B) companies have focused on four critical pillars needed to optimize the lead-to-sale process.
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Most companies are aware that the buying processes of the world and its buyers are changing, but many have yet to recognize the need to make changes within their own sales force. Often sales professionals don?t have the proper skills or tools needed to be successful. But by integrating the four sales process components, they?ll be able to capture information that can be used to place them high above the competition.
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When implementing customer relationship management (CRM), organizations often lose sight of their customers and focus on efficiency gains instead of looking at the bigger picture from a customer perspective. But organizations that can build a business-centric system flexible enough to quickly respond to changing customer needs will have a sustainable competitive advantage and enjoy profitable growth for years to come.
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Faced with longer sales cycles, declining sales productivity, and increasingly discerning customers, companies are being forced to streamline and automate how sales information is processed, and change the mechanics of deal-making. Learn more about the strategies that best-in-class (BIC) companies are employing to improve sales effectiveness, boost productivity, and ultimately remain competitive.
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