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name = TEC_WP; Saint-Gobain Semiconductor Equipment Improves Efficiencies with Sage Erp X3 Discrete by Sage --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates Case Study Description Formed by a merger, Saint-Gobain Semiconductor Equipment decided to replace its dual systems with a single application that could handle many users, but be supported by just five people.
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A better approach is to leverage a single application for user administration across the IT infrastructure.
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While computing resources continue to increase in power, organizations are unable to fully utilize them in single application deployments and cannot change computing resource assignments easily when application or business requirements change. At the root of the problem is uncontrolled server sprawl, servers provisioned to support a single application.
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Planning and Budgeting You can perform bottom-up and topdown financial and operational planning with a single application and user interface.
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Furthermore, since Orion supports Internet-based product activation and floating licensing with the same client library and a single application integration, we didnt have to ask Engineering to make changes to our application when we added licensing from a redistributed server".
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SAP solutions for GRC are based on the concept that business processes are not contained within a single application or silo function of a business. Instead, they cut across an entire corporation or distributed value chain. This means that SAP solutions for GRC have to function reliably outside a single application and across a complex business network.
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With the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation application, you can streamline the bottom-up and top-down financial and operational planning process with a single application.
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The solution was also extremely easy for employees to use and manage due to the single application architecture, which combines multiple functions (time & attendance and HR) into one application.
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In services-oriented environments, business logic is not rigidly associated with a single application, but rather available as Web services to be accessed and assembled into a variety of composite applications, for a variety of audiences.
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Holistic Customer View Enabling users to view combined financial and nonfinancial customer information within a single application, regardless of where the information is generated or stored, is another key requirement for office integration.
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RIA offers the following business benefits to enterprises: Increased customer and partner productivity: RIA eliminates multi-screen interface, offers single application view and reduces iterations in business processes.
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In another example, most utilities find it difficult to justify installing a communications infrastructure for a single application, such as meter reading.
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Often, these marts have been created with a narrow departmental scope, typically focusing on a single application or subject area, such as sales, marketing or finance.
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Customer service and warehouse operations need a single application that will enable them to keep the commitments made to customers.
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All in all, for each individual role, you can easily implement a single application that provides a window into the current status of the plant, critical data, alerts, analysis, and drill down needed for manufacturing performance.
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