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R.G. Barry, a leading developer and marketer of accessory footwear, lacked real-time visibility into production schedules at its factories. As a result, the company built more safety stock, required long lead times, and could not quickly update customers on the status of their orders. Find out how a new Web-based global sourcing solution helped R.G. Barry free up cash and minimize the risk of carrying excess inventory.
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As the use of basic sourcing strategies has reached saturation levels with certain categories, enterprises must utilize advanced sourcing strategies across a wider range of categories to deliver the same results.
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By understanding exactly how global sourcing strategies impact margins, retailers can develop creative product categories that push margins and profit higher.
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name = TEC_WP; Intentia Presents: an Action Plan for Building a Lean Supply Chain in the Apparel Industry by Intentia International --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Lean supply chain management and lean sourcing strategies are relatively new to the apparel industry, generating more talk than broad implementation to date.
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First, Rohm and Haas wanted to adopt common global processes to increase efficiency, and implement smart sourcing strategies.
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However, rising costs have forced companies to diversify their sourcing strategies and evaluate lower-cost options, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and India.
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Such infrequency of analysis is not sufficient given today global sourcing strategies that create more supply and lead time variability.
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Once they win the bid, the company must maintain tight controls on resource efficiencies and costs by means of sourcing strategies and project management.
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Global Sourcing Both internal and external sourcing strategies are critical to the success of a global professional services firm, and work and resources need to flow across boundaries.
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Since material cost is the dominant cost, significant opportunities for reduction lie in analyzing current spending and devising effective sourcing strategies for material.
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With the SAP Spend Analytics application, procurement departments can realize measurable cost savings and align sourcing strategies with organizational goals.
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Manufacturers have implemented onshore and offshore sourcing strategies that have been met with various levels of success.
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Enterprises will again need clear, credible, and reliable strategic sourcing strategies and management in order to plan for and engage the competencies (people
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