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Of the many challenges businesses face today, managing data growth is one of the most daunting. But while there are myriad choices for storage management solutions, most legacy options cannot address changing business requirements, and the results can cost your organization money, time, and peace of mind. Discover solutions that allow you to optimize your service environment and successfully meet your business challenges.
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As companies expand operations into new markets, the percentage of total corporate data in remote offices is increasing. Remote offices have unique backup and recovery requirements in order to support a wide range of applications, and to protect against a wide range of risk factors. Discover solutions that help organizations protect remote data and offer extensive data protection and recovery solutions for remote offices.
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The high costs of new or expanded data centers, exponential growth in power costs, increased regulations, and the desire to minimize carbon emissions are all driving the recognition that managing energy is of critical importance. Organizations are focused on deploying more efficient systems and tracking the impact of energy consumption more closely. Learn about the issues associated with ?greening? today?s enterprises.
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When buying a job scheduling solution, you should gather as much information as possible to make an objective comparison of competitive products? key capabilities. Seek out customer references, analyst recommendations, and press articles to supplement vendor marketing materials. And to make sure you don?t miss any important evaluation criteria, benchmark the functions of job-scheduling software with a detailed checklist.
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As outlined in Figure 2 below, it is common to utilize a ‘storage manager such as EMC ControlCenter, for storage, a ‘network manager such as CiscoWorks, for the networking equipment, and a server manager, such as HP Insight Manager, for servers.
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The quantity of information in the world is soaring. Merely keeping up with, and storing new information is difficult enough. Analyzing it, to spot patterns and extract useful information, is harder still. Even so, this data deluge has great potential for good?as long as consumers, companies, and governments make the right choices about when to restrict the flow of data, and when to encourage it. Find out more.
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Your SQL team or storage manager may have suggestions for database sizes.
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