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This shift in mindset has spawned new energy and excitement around strategic workforce management-getting the right people to perform the right job at the right time in order to drive greater business results. An effective strategic workforce management strategy helps companies: Proactively manage, monitor, and measure enterprise workforce decisions and transitions (e.
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Vemo Company Overview Vemo provides hosted software solutions for strategic workforce planning, analytics and reporting, as well as professional services for implementation, advanced forecasting and HR capability development.
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" (Young is finishing up a report to be published later this year that will examine how companies implement their strategic workforce planning.) Each company needs to understand the problem it faces, estimate the gaps in its industry and determine the skills it needs to meet business objectives. Young calls this strategic workforce planning: "The
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As has been proven time and again by successful companies, the correct technology, deployed in a well-managed organization with clearly defined estimating, procurement, fabrication, and shipping processes, is more likely to consistently meet customer requirements on schedule and on budget. Learn more about the importance of identifying the correct technology to produce the benefits you need.
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Human resources (HR) is an increasingly strategic player in gaining a competitive advantage, especially in terms of workforce analytics. But HR organizations struggle when they spend too much time gathering data instead of acting on it. By implementing a comprehensive workforce analytics solution, they will start to win the 'changing game' and?more importantly?drive corporate results that matter.
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Most enterprises have accumulated a surfeit of workforce and employee data. Only leading-edge companies are making extensive use of data to drive human capital management (HCM) decisions the way most companies use financial and marketing data to make strategic business decisions. Learn more about why?and how?you should be making fact-based workforce planning decisions that will help you survive the current recession.
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Unlike tactical metrics such as retention / turnover (87% of organizations currently using) or time to fill open positions (68% of organizations currently using), strategic workforce analytics provide more meaningful methods for measuring overall HR efficiency and effectiveness. These metrics tend to operate across HR functions and existing data silos.
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In today's economy, organizations must be prepared to address strategic workforce issues or risk having a decimated workforce when the [economy] returns, Lesser says.
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The best-run human capital management organizations share the following crucial practices and goals: Optimize process and transactional support Benchmark processes and performance Consolidate systems Adopt shared services Invest in people and talent Align HR with overall business strategy and goals Focus on value, not effort As an initial step, top companies optimize process and transactional support instead of concentrating on payroll and compensation administration to focus more on
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