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Wireless technology has become exceedingly popular and convenient in both residences and enterprises. Networks are now expected to aid IT support, government services, and public safety applications. That?s why the architectural strategies used to implement wireless mesh networks can have a profound impact on the performance and financial success of metro-scale and wide area wireless mesh deployments.
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The new competitive differentiator in retail is the ability to effectively sense, shape, and fulfill customer demand through the customer?s channel of choice. The seamless shopping experience?providing what customers want, when they want it, in the way they want it?has come to the forefront. That?s why well-executed cross-channel retailing is essential to success, no matter what your vertical.
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Global demand for food and beverages continues to rise, and the market will pay a premium for partially prepared healthier choices. Food and beverage manufacturers with innovative solutions for these niche markets are in a position to gain brand dominance, resulting in higher revenues, profits, and market share. Discover tactical and strategic innovative practices that can help support changes in your business processes.
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Accordingly, Windchill, with its single, integral system architecture-along with PTC technologyenabled best
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Following several acquisitions, Colombia-based ceramics manufacturer Corona found itself with multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to manage. To find a single ERP solution that was suitable for all of its facilities, and would integrate with its existing business software, Corona turned to Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC). Learn how TEC?s selection methodology helped Corona choose the right ERP software.
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When choosing a payroll software vendor, there are numerous considerations that must be taken into account when narrowing down the choices. Obviously, you have to decide on a software that meets your needs within budget. However, it?s just as important to consider the other factors that can make a huge impact on the overall success of your payroll software selection.
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E-mail inquiries for the customer service sector are expected to explode from 2.9 billion messages in 2005, to 7.2 billion by 2010. This means that a company?s online relationship with customers will be increasingly critical to customer satisfaction and retention. That?s why managers need new tools to manage their corporate e-mail assets and better service the e-mail customer.
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Manufacturers of capital equipment and highly engineered products face design, production, and delivery obstacles. The most challenging of these activities is scheduling projects and resource demand in a concurrent engineering environment. Learn about a resource scheduling tool that can allow you to put demand on materials, work-centers, and labor as soon as it is known?so you can deliver projects on time and on budget.
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Safeway, the UK's fourth-largest supermarket, spends over ?100 million (GBP) a year on their information technology (IT )operations. Five years ago, Safeway transferred its offshoring operations to Malta-based Crimsonwing. Since then, Crimsonwing has undertaken some 200 projects for Safeway, including a sales data warehouse, an intranet portal, and an integrated transport solution designed in conjunction with IBM.
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Complying with current good manufacturing processes (GMPs) is no easy task for food manufacturers. Companies that don t have a solid foundation to help with quality control procedures, audit trails, and product traceability and recall are at an even greater disadvantage. Find out how an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can help with food safety compliance?so it's your cookie that crumbles, not your foundation.
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Today?s information technology (IT) organizations are dealing with the consequences of exploding infrastructure complexity. At the root of the problem is uncontrolled server sprawl?servers provisioned to support a single application. Organizations that have implemented hardware virtualization have unwittingly created a new problem: operating system (OS) sprawl. IT organizations have to find ways to address this critical challenge?today.
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Today?s defense industry needs maintenance and logistics software that increases the self-sustainability of weapons systems and allows system operators to perform maintenance in the field?increasing uptime and readiness. An integrated maintenance and logistics (IML) solution provides critical information for multiple weapons systems in real time?thus increasing readiness without increasing headcount.
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Don"t underestimate the importance of system architecture. You"ll want your software to have the capability to grow and change as your organization changes. Most accounting software companies have various families of products geared toward specific sizes of customers. A key question to ask is whether or not the products are built on unified system architecture and if they have a built-in upgrade path from one product to the next.
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Primarily due to rapid development of technology in the past thirty years, the market structure throughout the world has changed considerably. Local markets have become accessible to foreign manufacturers, who are able to perform well in their newly established territories in part due to their superior application of technology. In this light, most companies, including small and medium size, have embedded globalization in their expansion strategies, consistently seeking for new markets abroad. Consequently, local manufacturing companies are facing global competition, forcing them to adopt new concepts with respect to people, process and technologies. This document describes these approaches to production planning in detail as well outlines a software solution. The software solution (Production/3) combines both pull and push techniques and enables small to medium size organizations to fully automate their production system while retaining their investment in their legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
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