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Many business intelligence (BI) tools are designed for professional analysts and not business users. As a result, executives find they still don?t have the information they need to make decisions quickly and effectively. In order to maximize your potential in BI, you must embed it into the daily routine of your entire company. Find out about a BI solution that can help you, with functionality like interactive reporting.
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Today?s Web applications exist in an environment vastly different from when businesses first entered the Internet. Few companies have a comprehensive Web application security program to prevent Internet-borne security breaches. Learn how security concerns for Web applications are different than for traditional applications, and how to build a Web security program that curbs costs and provides effective security.
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Projection is often seen as the big compromise: you must have either a very powerful and bright projector or a very dark room to achieve high-quality, commercially acceptable images. However, many people don?t know that a revolutionary concept is now available?a screen technology that allows very high-quality projected images in brightly lit environments that removes the need for dark rooms or very expensive projectors.
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As modern enterprises grow in complexity and scope, managers struggle to keep pace. Business process management (BPM) is increasingly seen as a way to master the swelling complexity of modern corporations and coordinate the work of thousands of people by focusing on well-defined processes. Find out how BPM, applied the right way, can fulfill the promise of IT to automate business processes and directly support strategy.
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During a downturn economy, the IT department is often among the first to be hit with senior executives? cost-cutting initiatives. Yet in some instances, IT investments deliver more value to a company?s top and bottom lines?by creating new efficiencies and increasing revenues?than any savings gained from traditional IT cost-cutting. Discover the other reasons why your IT spending can actually save money in the long run.
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To many managers, the words ?business process management? (BPM) conjure up images of complexity?months of planning, meetings, and more meetings. While BPM can be complex, it needn?t be. You can move quickly to implement process automation for your company. Learn what to consider and act on as you contemplate how to automate your business processes and increase competitive advantage and customer loyalty.
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Continuous change in the retail industry is limiting retailers? ability to plan, forecast, price, and replenish. Thus, many retailers are facing a dilemma: they need new retail technology to adapt their processes and respond more rapidly to changing markets, but they can?t afford the up-front expenditure or lengthy implementation. But advances in new software-as-a-service (SaaS) retail solutions can help. Learn how.
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Everything manufacturing executives thought they knew about project management and operations management is changing. Now, project managers may be connecting elements of an ongoing enterprise with a project in order to achieve certain defined goals, or use projects in a recurring way. Discover the many benefits manufacturers can realize by adopting a management-by-project approach with project-centric ERP software.
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Process improvement efforts often go hand in hand with a balanced scorecard (BSC). A BSC provides management with a set of key result indicators (KRI) to assess how the company is progressing toward strategic goals, such as ?increase customer base.? For this type of goal, the KRI are tied to key performance indicators (KPIs). Explore how an application intelligence platform (AIP) can support a process improvement program.
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Does Google keep an eye on Microsoft? Does Microsoft keep an eye on Apple? The answer, of course, is ?yes.? Why does it matter what the other guy is up to? Because in business, you?re not operating in a vacuum?the turf is competitive and ever changing. Not only do you need to know what your competitor is doing, but also what it?s using when it comes to online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Learn more.
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For many consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, the environment is too complex to implement a new business process without upgrading the IT systems that support that process. Taking a consumer approach to upgrading can help. You need to seek out solutions that fit your CPG environment, can keep up with continual innovation, and more. But you always need to be thinking ahead. Learn more about developing an IT roadmap.
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Whether you?re about to embark on a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) initiative or you?re just looking for more value from your existing ERP solution, you must start with your business strategy and competitive advantage. When key business requirements are identified and validated, you can spot the process adjustments that make sense and support your business?and get better at whatever you?re good at. Find out more.
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Most companies want to use customer relationship management (CRM) applications to ?supercharge? their sales forces. They want to gain some advantage with customer retention and acquisition, to manage the sales pipeline, and to have better market insight. But few companies realize these goals, often because of the way CRM is implemented. Find out where a CRM implementation can get off track?and how to ensure CRM success.
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Once reserved for the upper echelons of senior management, succession planning is being redefined as a key component of board-level strategy. But if succession planning was easy, everyone would be doing it. The problem that exists today is that succession planning is barely automated, let alone optimized. This chief executive officer (CEO) guide provides five key tips for jump-starting your succession planning efforts.
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Arias Motors is the Dominican Republic?s leading distributor of spare parts for auto wholesalers, retailers, and repair shops. It needed a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system covering all functional areas, from back-end processes to supply chain management. Learn how Arias Motors applied a best-practice approach to software selection, reduced licensing costs by 50 percent, and set a record implementation time.
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