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name = TEC_WP; Network Design: A Sole-Source, Service-Based Approach by Altima Technologies --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Typically, useful network documentation requires a significant investment in time and effort.
Related to Time and Effort: Network Management, Network Modeling and Analysis, Networking, Altima Technologies, Management of Companies and Enterprises
One way to respond faster to customer issues—and save time and effort—is by investing in an automated customer feedback system.
Related to Time and Effort: Contact Management (CM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Service and Support, E-CRM, eXplorance Inc., Manufacturing, Retail Trade
However, many PC users may be wasting time and effort cleaning their registries more often than necessary, depending on the age of their computers, as well as how often software and other utilities are installed.
Related to Time and Effort: Asset Management, Consulting and Services, Data Management and Analysis, Development, Electronic Distribution and Storage, IT Infrastructure, Knowledge Management and Collaboration, Learning and Education, Office Application and Automation, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), AMUST Software
Until 2004, German agricultural machinery manufacturer RAUCH created its technical publications in-house, relying on a service provider to create and translate operation manuals. The problem: this was a massive, time-consuming effort requiring extensive communication between all parties. Clearly, RAUCH needed to change its approach. The solution: incorporating Arbortext IsoDraw into its technical publications workflow.
Related to Time and Effort: Office Application and Automation, PTC
Because one of the shortcomings of P&A is the incremental time and effort required to determine order quantities, reduction in the exposure to this event helps a P&A solution.
Related to Time and Effort: Inventory Management, Replenishment Planning, RPE, Management of Companies and Enterprises, Retail Trade
Consider a team of engineers and assemblers who have dedicated time and effort to designing and producing
Related to Time and Effort: Content Management, Document Management, Engineer-to-Order (ETO), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Knowledge Management and Collaboration, Technology Evaluation Centers, Manufacturing
The bottom line is that there is considerable time and effort required in an ERP upgrade, major or minor, and the business must continue running in the meantime.
Related to Time and Effort: Return on Investment (ROI), ROI and Success Measurement, Oracle
One was that, as the company grew, employees needed to devote their time and effort to managing their increasing task loads in the face of the company growth.
Related to Time and Effort: E-commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Global Logistics Solution (GLS), Government and Legal, Import and Export Management, International Trade Logistics (ITL), Shipping and Receiving, Shopping Cart and Point of Sale (POS), Technology Evaluation Centers
This scenario — common to companies of all sizes — highlights the importance of investing a measure of time and effort upfront to formulating a transaction tax policy that will minimize costs, pains and penalties later on.
Related to Time and Effort: Accounting and Financial Management, Compliance Management, Executive Views, Practices and Business Issues, Regulatory and Compliance, Small Business Accounting, Tax Preparation and Reporting, Sabrix
The net effect is less time and effort needed to develop and maintain these items, as well as the opportunity for marketing resources to focus on higher-value activities.
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This means personnel spend time and effort synchronizing multiple systems, and it leads to an increased risk of collecting data against characteristics that have since changed.
Related to Time and Effort: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Software as a Service (SaaS), Plex Systems
"The automated, paperless system saves time and effort, and helps with ISO compliance.
Related to Time and Effort: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Plex Systems, Motor vehicle and engine part and accessory manufacturing, Motor vehicle manufacture
So spend the time and effort required to ensure an effective governance process, but dont lose sight
Related to Time and Effort: IT Monitoring and Management, Outsourcing, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, OneNeck
There is no doubt about the time and effort savings we are already experiencing”.
Related to Time and Effort: Accounting and Financial Management, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Vision33
What goes unnoticed is the amount of time and effort needed to set up and monitor shift schedules, handle vacation time proactively, and track overtime properly.
Related to Time and Effort: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Radley Corporation, Manufacturing
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