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CONCLUSION The Oracle Database is the market leader for data warehousing, built upon a solid foundation of scalability and performance, and augmented innovative features such as Oracle’s unique read-consistency model for near-real-time data
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name = TEC_WP; Bar Codes in the Manufacturing Process by Miles Technologies --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Today business software packages depend on real-time data collection to provide information crucial to the entire manufacturing operation.
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In 2005, it became clear that it needed an application providing real-time data, strong project accounting capabilities, and a streamlined process for consolidation of financials.
Related to Time Data: Accounting and Financial Management, Project Accounting, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Epicor, Management of Companies and Enterprises, Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services
Sophisticated solutions like warehouse management and enterprise relationship management (ERP) systems—with their advanced data capture and wireless networking tools—enable companies to squeeze more efficiency out of their operations by providing real-time data to all interdependent parts of the supply chain.
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Electronic information capture not only increases reporting accuracy, but it also provides real-time data for your planning, billing, and purchasing needs—bridging the gap between your front-office operations and back-office processes.
Related to Time Data: Data Center Equipment, IT Infrastructure, Operating System, Server, Web Server, Microsoft, Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation, Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
Real-time data access has also accelerated internal communication.
Related to Time Data: Discrete Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Inventory Management, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Production Planning, Epicor
Today, nearly all business activities run through Microsoft Dynamics SL, which helps to simplify financial management and empower employees with real-time data.
Related to Time Data: Accounting and Financial Management, Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Analysis, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Management and Analysis, Project Management, Microsoft
Learn about the solution that gave the company access to real-time data.
Related to Time Data: Accounting and Financial Management, Contact Management (CM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Field Sales, Remote Access, Sales Force Automation (SFA), Microsoft
Yet these new methods are only as good as the data that feeds them and time data is a critical input. The Four Business Functions To understand time tracking as a core business process, first consider that time data feeds four fundamental business functions: Payroll Billing Project
Related to Time Data: Payroll, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Time and Attendance Tracking, Time and Expense Reporting, Time, Billing, and Invoicing, Journyx
Real time data delivery is a key driver for any significant mobile BI strategy. Although similar to the point above it does deserve to stand on its own. Mobile BI is about delivering real time or near real time access to data. It is real time data that is needed by the field sales and service teams if they are to achieve the organisational benefits sought.
Related to Time Data: Alerting and Notification, Business Intelligence (BI), Business Performance Management (BPM), Competitive Intelligence, Data Warehouse, End-User Query and Reporting, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)/Balanced Scorecard, Mobile Computing, Modeling and Visualization, Needs Analysis, ROI Tool, Statistical Data Analysis, Yellowfin
Look for an LMS that provides real-time data on actual employee utilization and performance against your own established standards, so that you can detect inefficiencies and take corrective action.
Related to Time Data: Customer Service and Support, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Warehouse Management System (WMS), HighJump Software
Their ERP systems must provide the capability to track real-time data on all aspects of manufacturing and supply during production, and store the data in archives for audits or future reference.
Related to Time Data: Document Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Regulatory and Compliance, Plex Systems, Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing
, the relevant, right-time data.
Related to Time Data: Business Intelligence (BI), Collaborative Planning and Scheduling (CPS), Data Management and Analysis, Database Management System (DBMS), Demand Management, File Management, Forcasting and Planning, Service Parts Planning, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Supply Chain Event Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supply Chain Optimization, Inovis, Manufacturing, Retail Trade
Companies are recognizing the value of an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) that provides a single 360-degree view of the business. But to ensure that your EDW performs and scales well, you need to get three things right: the hardware configuration, the data model, and the data loading process. Learn how designing these three things correctly can help you scale your EDW without constantly tuning or tweaking the system.
Related to Time Data: Business Intelligence (BI), Data Mart, Data Mining, Data Warehouse, Decision Making, Decision Support System (DSS), Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL), Oracle
An Integrated Approach Superior End-to-End Pipeline Performance Management With the appropriate foundation of visibility and real-time data, companies can be more proactive with their planning, merging analytics with action.
Related to Time Data: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Service and Support, Data Management and Analysis, Sales Force Automation (SFA), SAP
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