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Ultimate Goal

As a foundation for process improvement, these key practices improve the ability of organizations to meet goals for cost, schedule, functionality, and product quality—the ultimate goal being to improve efficiency, return on investment, and effectiveness.
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You know the statistics?lean can shorten your lead times, reduce inventories, cut operating costs, free up resources, and more. But countless surveys have confirmed that most lean initiatives fail to deliver expected and needed results. Why? Are successes confined to a restricted list of industry sectors? Are only 'lean experts' capable of leading an organization through a successful implementation?
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Consequently, Naghi Group began searching for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to run on the IBM System i platform, with the ultimate goal of integrating the primary business applications of finance, sales and supply chain management into one software enterprise solution.
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And that the ultimate goal of any Business Service Management.
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By understanding service life cycles in terms of lifelines that provide new and better services, IT can start building a strategy to achieve the ultimate goal of successful service management: "doing the right things and keeping the right things going in the right way.
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When designing KPIs, one must remember that the ultimate goal is to take action.
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The ultimate goal is a "single source of truth" where senior executives have shared visibility into all parts of the organisation, enabling manage- ment by facts.
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Also, you will want to negotiate blanket purchase orders with your suppliers, have them deliver to you more frequently (preferably multiple times per day) and monitor supplier quality with the ultimate goal of delivering directly to the production line.
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The business challenge The ultimate goal for Anchor Blue was to move product faster through the distribution system.
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Real-time end-to-end visibility across the value chain is widely seen as the ultimate goal.
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IDC believes that the needs of HR and of the business can be characterized in much the same fashion as an ecosystem in which basic efficiency and accuracy benefits can lead directly to the ultimate goal of workforce optimization.
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Having witnessed implementation difficulties at other companies (like some early-stage CRM and ERP deployments), I present a more reasonable scenario to my clients, by recommending a phased approach, assisting them in building incrementally toward EFM as an ultimate goal.
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The ultimate goal is to create a framework that delivers a consistent customer experience across multiple touch points and types of interaction, ensuring continued customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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All three of these developmental elements can go a long way toward achieving the ultimate goal of bringing risks down to a level that the organization can live with.
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The ultimate goal is information flows that are tightly managed to provide the required security, privacy and auditing capabilities, while also being transparent to endusers.
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