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name = TEC_WP; Sales and Operation Planning: Integrate with Finance and Improve Revenue by Logility --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is the key integrated process that the supply chain organization (specifically the vice president of supply chain) can use to achieve visibility across the
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Managing growth is a monumental undertaking?and one that Valero Energy Corporation has mastered. But as one of the largest oil refinery companies in North America, with revenues exceeding $90 billion (USD), the company needed to find a way to fit new applications into its existing infrastructure in a quick and cost-effective manner. By switching to SAP?s NetWeaver platform, Valero saved $480,000 (USD) in the first month.
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Industry research shows that one of the most important challenges facing supply chain professionals today is supply chain visibility. As companies scramble to adopt a way to gaining better visibility into their supply chain, they quickly realize that it?s not as simple as it seems. While achieving the right type of visibility is the first step, leveraging it to take quick and effective action is the key to its success.
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Partnership Program Lorne Goloff, vice president of direct and channel sales at TEC, is very excited about the company new partnership programs.
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The payment card industry (PCI) Data Security Standard establishes common processes and precautions for handling credit card data. Although achieving PCI compliance can seem daunting, the requirements represent security best practices that should be observed by any organization with IT systems and data to protect. Learn about network scanning and security assessment solutions that can help you manage PCI compliance.
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"It really comes down to how you engage the field and the operational side of the business and how you are perceived," says John Stadick, vice president of IT for North Carolina-based Sunbelt Rentals.
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“Were a midsize business, a highly complex, integrated manufacturing company,” explains Sarah Mather, vice president of business systems administration at Fusion.
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ABOUT THIS ANALYST Dan Vesset is program vice president of IDC Business Analytics research.
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"The key feature many businesses are looking for in an ERP solution is true integration of back-office business processes with the front-end customer-management and sales data offered by CRM," said Bill Lyons, vice president of Glovia Services Inc.
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At ABB, a global electrical engineering firm based in Switzer- land, senior vice president and chief financial officer for North America Herbert Parker says the company has two classes of risk management: major projects and more tra- ditional insurable risk.
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"We lacked real-time visibility into production schedules at the factories, and we relied on emails and verbal communications to understand when shipments were running late or if the factories had production problems," explains Glenn Evans, senior vice president of sourcing and logistics, R.
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"The key feature many businesses are looking for in an ERP solution is true integration of back-office business processes with the front-end customer-management and sales data offered by CRM," said Bill Lyons, vice president of Glovia Services Inc.
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Bob Currier, vice president of Operations at Shape Corporation stated: "After looking at many software solutions to manage manufacturing facilities such as ours, Plexus Online was the clear winner.
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As one of North America?s premier producers of duck products, Maple Leaf Farms knew the importance of delivering fresh, quality goods to its customers. But in order to streamline its manufacturing, shipping, and reporting processes, it would need to invest in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Since implementing ERP, the company has profited from greater inventory control and improved customer service.
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JM Family Enterprises knew there had to be a more efficient way to organize its picking, packing, and tracking systems. Because of the specific nature of its documents, it was vital they arrive at the correct dealership on time. In order to achieve continued growth, it would need an automated system. Since implementing a warehouse management system (WMS), the company has reduced its paper processing by 80 percent.
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