Virtual Machines

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Suppose that you have deployed the same 20 servers as virtual machines in a virtual infrastructure. The VMs store their data on a shared storage platform, and the data is protected with RAID 5.
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The problem: simply backing up a host server doesnt always ensure that data within virtual machines is recoverable.
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VMware VMotion TM provides the ability to move running virtual machines between physical hosts.
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SQL Server deployments can be large and complex. However, Auto-Snapshot Manager simplifies data management tasks and offers a comprehensive approach to SQL Server protection by providing both local and remote database protection, allowing for quick data recovery in case of data loss or site failure. Find out more about how Auto-Snapshot Manager can provide you with the safety net you need for effective disaster recovery.
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SANs support powerful features within VirtualCenter these include VMotion, the online migration of active virtual machines without interruption, and Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) , which monitors and automatically migrates virtual machines to balance workloads across all resources within the ESX cluster.
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Along the same lines of isolation, security between the virtual machines on the same server is also critical.
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The HA feature allows virtual machines (VMs ) on a single ESX server to be started on another ESX server within the resource pool (which is managed by Virtual Center). If a server fails completely, all of its VMs start on another ESX server within minutes. This reduces the overall provisioning of servers to minutes instead of days.
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Decrease complexity to improve manageability of systems- Templating, single OSs and applications and other technology advances make management of Virtuozzo VEs and servers much simpler than regular servers or virtual machines.
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Defragmenting virtual machines/systems (virtual hard disks) Machine virtualization describes the creation
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Instead of having to dole out funds for a development server, companies of every size can test new applications or prototypes on virtual machines in the cloud architecture, without procurement and provisioning delays.
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The latest servers can run as many as 30 virtual machines.
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