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IT infrastructure software has a well-established track record for experiencing frequent cost overruns and missed deadlines. Expensive software and extensive customization are the key contributors to increasing identity management costs to four or five times more than the price of the initial identity software license. Learn how software as a service (SaaS) can reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructure.
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Ease and speed of set-up, with minimal disruption to web access, maximizing business continuity and employee productivity. Complete scalability and fallover protection. Temporary and long-term increases in demand for web access can be seamlessly accommodated.
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Access control is more than just checking devices for malware before admitting them to a network. Identity-based network access control (NAC) looks at the identities of users and devices, and knows what resource they are authorized to access, allowing enterprises to tightly control access, and the devices and behavior of users.
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Until now, SharePoint has been implemented as simply a platform for front-end-heavy intranets, or as a system for limited document sharing and forms automation solutions. However, it now encompasses solutions for web-enabled applications, extranets, intranets, document management, business intelligence, and complex workflow. Thus, SharePoint needs to be internally marketed in a way that maximizes its capabilities for the web-enabled organization.
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They were clamoring for web access to catalogs which would always be up to date and which would provide them with greater independence with regard to the placement and tracking of orders.
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Metro Canada Logistics, a third party provider of warehousing, transporatation, and related logistics services streamlines accounting processes with the help of Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains.
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Sample Web Policy21 (Organization) provides employees with a network connection and web access. This Web Acceptable Usage Policy governs all use of (Organization) network and web access at headquarters, remote offices, hotels, airports, employees homes, and any other location.
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Self-service web access help users manage their own tasks, enabling organizations to scale projects across thousands of partners.
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Southern Pump & Tank Company (SPACTO), is a value-added distributor specializing in liquid handling equipment for the petroleum and industrial marketplaces. By using SAP Service Management to track equipment at its customers sites, receive incoming service calls, dispatch work, and track labor and materials, SPACTO was able to lower inventory by 28 percent, and reduce slow and non-moving items by 70 percent.
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IT administrators need to simplify both complex and routine tasks to deliver increasing value with limited resources. Data center automation can help minimize the duties associated with maintaining the existing infrastructure. Learn about a solution that can enable automated batch processing for more efficient operations, and integrate the diverse application and platform environments often found in today?s data centers.
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Ninety-six percent of employers who block web access are concerned about employees visting adult sites with sexual content.
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Companies performing a software evaluation and comparison want assurance that the products they?re evaluating do what the vendors say they do. Solutions certified by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) and bearing the TEC Certified logo were analyst-verified for accuracy. Learn about a TEC Certified ERP system for distribution and discrete manufacturing that might offer the modules and functionality you need.
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Providing banking customers with shared web access to a transparent set of report cards and metrics, in order to improve customer service and competitive differentiation.
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The Internet access you have provided in the office costs money. You wish to see it used as a productive tool and increase business. It also provides the best way to appear busy. Employees can open multiple pages, a few of them related to legitimate work, while the others cater to their 'personal' interests. It takes a single mouse click or Alt+Tab to navigate between pages, when a supervisor appears. This white paper provides details of how Internet access can be abused and how organisation can keep a tab on its employees.
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Web-borne malware is now more common than malware entering a company through e-mail. The number of Web sites carrying malware increased by 400 percent in 2008. This can cause serious issues for your business. You need to proactively protect your networks both by instituting acceptable usage policies for employee Web usage and by implementing a solution that can effectively combat these malware intrusions. Find out how.
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