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Today?s Web applications exist in an environment vastly different from when businesses first entered the Internet. Few companies have a comprehensive Web application security program to prevent Internet-borne security breaches. Learn how security concerns for Web applications are different than for traditional applications, and how to build a Web security program that curbs costs and provides effective security.
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When it comes to your Web applications, speed is the only metric that matters. After all, Web apps handle the bulk of your critical operations, from inventory and customer relations, to sales and accounting. They?re essential for interacting with your business partners, and without them there?d be no such thing as e-commerce. Read this guide to find out what you can do to accelerate your Web applications to top speed.
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Is your information security system staying on top of the 400 new threats that appear monthly? Securing your Web applications is not a one-time event, but a continuous process of testing and re-testing for new vulnerabilities, especially when vital data is in development or production. Learn how a Web application security optimization process can help you perform effective continuous assessments of your system.
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IT must manage identity and access to web applications and demonstrate compliance.
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Any enterprise suite will pay for itself faster if you work diligently to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Those who interact with companies on implementing and maintaining their systems know that some project owners are very good at keeping the cost of their enterprise applications as low as possible. We?ll look at their TCO secrets.
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Information security managers, quality assurance staff, and developers are faced with the enormous responsibility of keeping Web applications secure from the ever-growing menace of hackers and internal threats alike. So how can they protect sensitive data without exhausting internal resources, overspending the budget, or being forced to use costly manual penetration testing using external consulting firms?
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You should answer several questions about your organization?s needs, requirements, and culture as you decide between a colocation and a cloud computing provider. You should also consult with potential vendors before subscribing to a new service. You may find that your web-hosting strategy would benefit from both types of web hosting. Before you buy, consult this checklist to make sure you?re asking the right questions.
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Abstract Rich Internet Applications (RIA) represent the next transition in the evolution of web applications; they promise the richness, interactivity and usability lacking in many of today web applications.
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Vulnerabilities in Web applications are now the largest vector of enterprise security attacks. Attacks compromising sensitive data are often the result of ?cross-site scripting,? ?SQL injection,? and ?buffer overflow.? As many companies have discovered, these attacks will evade traditional network defenses unless you take new precautions with automated detection. Learn more in this primer to Web application security.
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Today?s customers want to enjoy a consistent user experience as they switch between different devices. Given the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, netbooks, social networks, and Web sites, it is not surprising that many companies are extending their business beyond the corporate Web site. Learn the top 10 considerations that companies should be aware of when planning to implement an extended channel strategy.
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Java is well suited to internationalization because of its native Unicode character support and robust locale-specific functionality. But there are steps that need to be taken to enable Unicode support in a Java Web application, and these steps are dependent on the components being used (database, application server, etc.). This document describes the steps to be taken to set up a Java Web application to use Unicode.
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Slowdowns, scalability issues, and security gaps hit Web applications where it hurts. Data center consolidations put distance between application servers and users?producing long round-trips and slow response times. Luckily, there is a solution. Deploying a wire-speed application system?in a unified single-platform design?boosts response times, improves infrastructure scalability, and safeguards against security threats.
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The Internet continues to be a powerful force for driving business activity, and is increasingly being used by organizations to manage internal corporate data and operational activities. Indeed, the online presence of a business or organization depends on the use of Web applications to store, transmit, and manage confidential information. So do you know where your top Web application vulnerabilities are?
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name = TEC_WP; Unlocking Silos: Moss 2007 and Morello by Mediasurface --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description What can user-driven applications like Morello and Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 do to help your web content management strategy? By combining the two, users can develop web applications and collaborative workspaces themselves rather than acquiring IT development input.
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Data leakage and data breach are two disparate problems requiring different solutions. Data leakage prevention (DLP) monitors and prevents content from leaving a company via e-mail or Web applications. Database activity monitoring (DAM) is a data center technology that monitors how stored data is accessed. Learn why DAM complements DPL, and how you can benefit by making it part of your overall data security strategy.
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