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There is a critical need for wholesale distribution organizations to implement complete, easy to own, and industry focused packaged applications, to support initiatives around driving operational efficiencies.
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"Providing ERP solutions to the wholesale distribution industry since 1978, VAI understands distribution and what it takes to succeed.
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name = TEC_WP; Winning it Strategies for Automotive Sales and Aftersales by IBS --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description The global automotive and wholesale distribution industry moves more than 50 million motor vehicles from factory floor to dealer to customer every year.
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Wholesale distribution operations are becoming more complex, with ever-changing customer requirements, global and electronic marketplaces, multiple distribution channels, and compliance initiatives adding to the perennial challenges of accurate delivery. Traditional warehouse management or enterprise resource planning solutions are simply not enough. Operational efficiency is the key to increasing inventory turns, improving order fulfillment rates, reducing cycle time, and eliminating charge-backs.
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All too often, fragmented IT landscapes make it difficult?and sometimes downright impossible?for wholesale distributors to improve processes, control costs, and create the efficiencies needed to succeed in a competitive industry. Nevertheless, enterprise technologies do have the potential to be powerful tools, quickly reacting to shifting market forces in a consolidating industry, and achieving operational excellence and solid growth.
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With over 25,000 customers, Holland Bulb Farms of Wisconsin (US) needed a more efficient way to sell and market its gardening items on the Web. The company wanted an integrated system to keep track of its growing number of transactions, expenses, and purchases. With Everest, the company found the all-in-one solution it needed?and within the first month of going live, saw a 300-percent return on investment. Learn more.
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Multiple forces are pushing supply chain effectiveness to the top of the priority list for wholesale distribution.
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Whether you are engaged in manufacturing, trade (wholesale distribution), or services, your success depends on how quickly and effectively your company adapts to change.
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When the first Kenneth David Apparel store opened in 1992, the company could manage operations with an accounting solution alone. But as new stores opened, the company needed software to scale with growth?not only on the retail side, but design and manufacture too. Its new solution has e-commerce and point-of-sale features, and allows the company more insight for more effective management. Read more about the benefits.
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One company executive has a growing influence in today?s boardroom?the chief financial officer (CFO). And the role of the finance organizations that these CFOs lead is expanding as well. Examine the changing role of the finance organization in today?s business environment, learn how your CFO can take on a more prominent role in defining company strategy, and find out how you can develop a best-run finance organization.
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Growth?whether organic or acquisitive?is challenging executives today from a strategic as well as an operational perspective. Studies estimate that 50 to 80 percent of deals fail to reach their projected results. Discover the challenges inherent in three common growth models, and find out how to implement a solid, flexible, and adaptive foundation that can support your company?s corporate growth strategies.
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For compliance with vendor requirements, Source 1 Enterprises, a supplier of health and beauty products, needed a solution to automate bill-back revenue and current deal sheet promotions. Reporting and alert systems were also needed, to collect potential revenue based on standard vendor terms, in conjunction with the latest promotions. For a solution, the supplier turned to SAP Business One.
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Today?s leading-edge business applications go beyond mere Web enablement, where publishing information to the Web is the primary motive (referred to nowadays as Web 1.0 applications). State-of-the-art enterprise software must also incorporate a single, integrated interface that links applications instantly to business processes and collaborative technologies. However, developing Web 2.0 applications is anything but trivial.
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In addition, meeting regulations in new geographies no longer needs to be daunting SAP Business ByDesign is suitable for the specific requirements of: Automotive supplier Chemicals specialty chemicals Consumer products consumer durables and appliances and home and personal care High tech business and consumer OEMs Industrial machinery and components components Life sciences biotechnology and medical devices Mill products building materials and metal products Professional services IT and business process outsourcing services and facilities
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IFS also provides a cross-industry solution for retail wholesale distribution.
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