Workforce Optimization

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By building on your investments in IC processes and workforce optimization software - and going beyond traditional data sources to drive these applications - you can do more with less. Specifically, you can enhance effectiveness while cutting costs.
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Human resources (HR) is an increasingly strategic player in gaining a competitive advantage, especially in terms of workforce analytics. But HR organizations struggle when they spend too much time gathering data instead of acting on it. By implementing a comprehensive workforce analytics solution, they will start to win the 'changing game' and?more importantly?drive corporate results that matter.
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There?s a buzz in the automotive industry around the concept of ?strategic workforce management??getting the right people, for the right job, at the right time, to improve overall business results. Strategic workforce management goes beyond the traditional role of human resources: it?s a strategic initiative and competitive weapon to help today?s automotive companies drive corporate goals and objectives.
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This workforce optimization provides the two key ingredients of strategic HR.
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Complying with DOL regulations requires an end-to-end workforce optimization solution capable of optimizing the entire workforce supply chain-from labor planning to deployment to time management to measurement.
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IDC believes that the needs of HR and of the business can be characterized in much the same fashion as an ecosystem in which basic efficiency and accuracy benefits can lead directly to the ultimate goal of workforce optimization.
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As a result, strategic human capital management (HCM) components such as erecruiting, onboarding, 360-degree performance review, incentive management, and workforce optimization will become indispensable tools for organizations to manage, motivate, and deploy an increasingly diverse talent base.
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