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Learn about the three key performance criteria that define best-in-class organizations, and how theyre making their focus within the supply chain on working capitalprimarily by optimizing inventory management.
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Learn about cost-effective and practical ways to reduce inventory so that working capital can be released.
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and lock up working capital. The impact to a retailer or manufacturer can be dramatic. Defective invoices can have 3-4 times the days sales outstanding (DSO) of a clean invoice. According to Accenture, some companies have 25% of the money owed them tied up in disputes at any given time.
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• Low-yield working capital – Customers don’t want to tie up their cash flow by buying and holding your products in advance, so you need to carry enough safety stock to meet surges in demand.
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name = TEC_WP; Event - Driven Optimization: A New Model for Supply Chain Execution in the Retail Industry by Catalyst International --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description As retailers strive to reduce inventories and manage working capital more effectively, they need to streamline processes throughout the supply chain to provide goods when needed and
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However, with stock build optimization, manufacturers can minimize the time and total value of the stock being held, and realize higher profits and working capital.
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name = TEC_WP; Establishing an Electronic Supply Network: Is Connecting Together All Participants Achievable? by Wesupply --> Email this to a friend View More Related Papers Receive White Paper Updates White Paper Description In a world that constantly demanding better communication to improve the level of perfect orders, while optimising working capital and reducing supply costs, it is vital to provide an electronic trading network across all
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Enhanced supply chain performance will in turn improve financial performance by reducing costs, increasing working capital, and strengthening customer loyalty.
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However, the distribution environment in most sectors is in a state of dynamic and turbulent change as working capital tightens, customer demand declines, operational costs rise, and competition becomes more intense. The current downturn has created havoc for wholesale distributors with thin margins. They are especially challenged by the tightening of their available working capital.
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Summary Inventory optimization is a proven vehicle to gain competitive value through reduced inventory, freed-up working capital and improved service levels.
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Start working capital initiatives: Most companies have poor processes to monitor their working capital.
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Conclusions Consider the following: There appears to be considerable potential to reduce business expense using existing SAP investments, especially in the classic ERP business process areas of purchasing, inventory management, working capital management, and order fulfillment.
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" As a result of this inclusive conversation, finance members share their perspective in terms of revenues, margins, and working capital; marketing members talk in terms of channels and brands; and the manufacturing and logistics members bring their thinking on products, sources, capacity, and destinations.
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” “Midmarket ERP Providers Must Accelerate SOA Adoption, Part 2: Using SOA to Accelerate ERP-Based Manufacturing,” April 2006, AMR Research, Colin Masson and Simon Jacobson Midsized and Small SAP ERP Adopters Increased operations integration Improved order-fill rates Reduced working capital Improved transportation planning, and reduced expenses Improved ease of compliance with FDA food-safety
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Locally optimized programs, despite their good intentions, almost always lead to higher working capital costs and service level challenges Actively manage in-transit inventory through supply chain visibility Distribution
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