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November 29, 2012 Vol. 5, No. 120
ERP Traceability: Beyond the Hype
Pragmatists Guide: Building a Business Case for a Formula-based ERP
Thriving in Crisis: How to Effectively Manage a Product Recall through IT

Green Server Design: Beyond Operational Energy to Sustainability
"Green" server and datacenter design requires a focus on environmental sustainability. Prior studies have focused on operational energy consumption as a proxy for sustainability, but this metric only captures part of the environmental impact. Understanding the total impact requires examining the entire lifecycle of the system, beyond operational energy, to also include material use and manufacturing. See how one methodology can do that.
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A Smarter Path to ERP Selection
Performing business operations with unintegrated departments and systems is often inefficient, as manually entering and reentering data in multiple locations is time consuming, error prone, and inefficient. An ERP system can be key to achieving enterprise integration. Businesses that take an integrated approach to their ERP projects--an approach that accounts for the interrelation among requirements assessment, selection, and implementation phases--will be better equipped for the future.
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Why You Should Take a Hard Look at Your ERP System: Dynamo, Dinosaur, or Difficulty on the Horizon?
Is your business running as well as it should be? Your ERP system may be the dynamo it was intended to be, but if it has become outdated or outrageously expensive to operate--a dinosaur or a devil in the making--chances are it is doing more harm than good in today's increasingly global world. Regardless of your business or industry, the time has come to examine your ERP system dispassionately. Know what needs to be considered.
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  1. Mobile Access Security & Management
  2. BYOD Here to Stay, But Organizations Must Adapt
  3. The Best-of-class Financial Systems Strategy: An Alternative to ERP Platforms

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