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June 30, 2012     Vol. 5, No. 72
Business Intelligence Buyer's Guide (Summary Edition)
Technology Evaluation Centers
This buyer guide is for business owners, managers, decision makers, and anyone interested in learning about the deployment of business intelligence (BI) systems across large enterprises as well as small to medium businesses (SMBs). It presents a comprehensive view of the wide spectrum of BI software solutions currently available and investigates how they match different types of organizations according to size and need.
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Technology Adoption in Midsize Wholesale Distributors
Simon Ellis, practice director of supply chain strategies at IDC Manufacturing Insights, responds to questions regarding the business processes of wholesale distributors and customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and discusses how new technology trends—cloud, mobility, social business, and big data—are affecting wholesale distributors.
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Has Your Company Outgrown QuickBooks? How to Tell and What to Do About It
QuickBooks is highly respected as the world’s most popular accounting system, with more than 4.5 million users. Indeed, QuickBooks provides an excellent solution for smaller companies. However, growing companies will eventually outgrow the database performance and feature set offered by QuickBooks. This white paper provides guidance in case this happens to you.
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ERP in Manufacturing 2011: Defining the ERP Strategy
Most manufacturing enterprises use enterprise resource planning (ERP) as their main business system. It has always been assumed is that companies strive to have one single ERP system to unify all their parts and processes, but a survey shows that the average manufacturing company has 1.9 separate and distinct systems. This paper looks at how overall ERP strategy relates to companies’ performance.
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Pragmatist’s Guide: Building a Business Case for a Formula-based ERP
CDC Software
If you’re a process manufacturer taking a close look at the option of acquiring an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, you may be finding that you’re faced with a bewildering array of options, technologies, and applications. What should you look for, and which business issues do you need to address to position your acquisition—and implementation—for maximum success? Download this report to find out.
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Enabling iPhones in the Enterprise
The task of managing iPhones or iPads in the enterprise is only going to continue to grow for most organizations. At a minimum you need to enforce device passwords and encryption policy, and have the ability to wipe corporate data in the event the device is lost or the employee leaves. This white paper introduces you to four simple steps for onboarding your iPhones to the corporate exchange server.
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