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August 02, 2012 Vol. 5, No. 85
The Age of Compliance
ERP Traceability Functions: Going beyond the Hype
Thriving in Crisis: How to effectively Manage a Product Recall through IT

Phone System Buying Disasters to Avoid: C-Level Executives Share Hard Learned Lessons
Phone system buying disasters can prove costly for any business. This whitepaper presents advice from phone system managers who have been at the forefront in remedying phone system disasters. Topics covered include buying incompatible hardware, brands with bad customer service, and companies with bad SIP service. Phone system buying disasters can be averted with proper preparation and foresight.
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10 "Must Have" Features in Next-generation Enterprise Software
Many enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendors promote their "next-generation ERP," but what does that really mean? How do we know if an enterprise solution well and truly is next-generation? Download this white paper to learn about 10 of the most significant features to look for in next-generation ERP software.
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Modernizing Enterprise Applications with Strategic Deployment Options: An Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies Briefing
In some ways, midsize companies in the early stages of life need top-tier enterprise resource planning (ERP)--integrated and collaborative solutions with broad and deep capabilities--more than their larger competitors. This briefing provides insight into why and how emerging companies are deploying top-tier ERP. Included are examples from customers that chose to implement top-tier ERP while they were in early phases of growth.
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1. Business Intelligence Buyer's Guide (Summary Edition)
2. Rapid Implementation Methodology
3. How to Cut Costs in the Cloud

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