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Technology White Papers & Case Studies for the Enterprise Market
 Executive White Papers & Case Studies Newsletter August 27, 2009        Vol. 2, No. 34 
Unlock the Hidden IT Opportunities in Troubled Economic Times
BMC Software
Surprisingly, a number of opportunities for IT are hidden within today's financial challenges. With the right approach, processes, and technology, you can provide higher-quality services at a lower cost, while empowering your company to take advantage of the growth potential that will occur when the economy rebounds. Learn more about strategies that can help you make IT process improvements today and plan for tomorrow.
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Do More with Less: Merging Enterprise Applications with Desktop Tools
Workers spend on average close to 80 percent of their workday with some combination of enterprise applications and desktop tools. Best-in-class companies have already found ways to improve productivity. Learn more about the convergence of enterprise applications with desktop tools, and the role it plays in providing visibility to enterprise data, improving communication, and facilitating real-time decision making.
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Case Study: Leading Online Bank Automates with Job Scheduling Solution
Tidal Software (Case study)
An online American bank, providing various financial services, needed to replace its legacy script-driven batch job processes with a job scheduling solution that could handle the bank's growth. The bank's IT team, however, faced two major hurdles affecting growth: both batch job processes and script-writing were manual and inefficient. A job management solution helped the bank achieve new levels of growth. Learn how.
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Unknown Attacks: A Clear and Growing Danger
Secure Computing Corporation
Unknown attacks are quickly becoming the next great information security challenge. The time between disclosure of new vulnerabilities and the emergence of unique threats exploiting them continues to diminish. And so does the effectiveness of many conventional counter-measures, including patch management. What are the details of this growing danger? And what defensive technologies are available?
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Buyer's Guide: Managed Hosting Services
Hosting a Website in-house can be expensive, as it requires the necessary hardware and software and power and security precautions—not to mention the cost of bandwidth. To reduce costs and increase both security and performance, some companies are turning to "shared" solutions such as managed hosting and colocation. Before implementing one of these solutions, learn what your options are, and the questions to ask vendors.
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Preventing Data Corruption in the Event of an Extended Power Outage
APC by Schneider Electric
Despite advances in technology, power outages continue to be a major cause of PC and server downtime. Protecting computers with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) hardware is part of a total solution, but power management software is also needed to prevent data corruption after extended power outages. Learn about the various software configurations you can implement and the best practices that can help you ensure uptime.
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  Six Success Factors for Building a Best-run Marketing Organization

Sage Saleslogix Guidebook

The Dirty Little Secrets of the Warehouse Management System Industry
HighJump Software

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