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Five Reasons Why the Right BI Is Like the Right Partner

  • Source: IBM
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Who knew that looking for the right business intelligence (BI) solution could be the same as looking for the right partner? The similarity is striking. For the best results in both cases, you should not rush into anything. Instead, take time to appreciate the traditional ways of doing things. When searching for the BI solution that will create the most value for your business, the last thing you want to do is invest a great deal of capital in something simply because you had a great time on your... Read More

Alignment, Technology, and Revenue Impact: Critical Links for Sales and Marketing Success

Traditionally, sales and marketing haven't always seen eye-to-eye. Act-On's 2015 Sales and Marketing Alignment Survey outlines that in order to exceed revenue goals, outdated traditions need to change. In this e-book, you can read about the direct relationship between alignment and revenue performance, and how using the right technologies can support business success. Read More

How to Prioritize Your Leads By Segmenting and Scoring Your Audience

Nothing in the marketer’s world—or the salesperson’s—is more precious than time. That’s why prioritizing leads is so important: you want to make sure you spend your time on the leads that are most likely to buy. This e-book covers two tactics that could help you the most with prioritizing leads: segmentation and lead scoring. Read More

Inbound Marketing 101: Build a Successful Strategy

Do you want to draw the attention of customers and prospects and provide them a reason to come to you? There are several tools to help you do this effectively but it can be difficult to determine just where to start. This step-by-step guide from Act-On was designed to help you create a winning inbound marketing strategy that could pull people into a relationship with your brand, rather than pushing your message onto them. Read More

The Risk Enabled Enterprise: Model Risk Management

For this IBM-sponsored study, Chartis set out to understand the issues organizations face in managing model risk, and the strategies and best practices that can be implemented to address this increasingly important area. Read More

Guidebook: Understanding the Financial Value of GRC Management

Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) technologies are often seen as sunk costs where the business value can only be defined as “the cost of doing business.”

Nucleus Research has found that there are both tactical and strategic benefits associated with GRC solutions that can provide a framework for calculating the Return on Investment. Read More

The Game Changes: 10 Essential Elements for Truly Effective Compliance Programs

This white paper by compliance expert Richard Steinberg outlines some key themes that give organizations greater clarity in developing highly effective and efficient compliance programs. Read More

ERP Selection in Aerospace and Defense: How Modularity Supports Industry Transformation

  • Source: IFS
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There is danger in assuming that what you perceive at first glance embodies the total issue. If you are navigating a naval frigate in Arctic waters, you know that an ice formation on the horizon may look relatively small, but warrants close attention as it might be a massive, drifting iceberg with most of its bulk hidden beneath the water line.

When it comes to selecting enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for asset-intensive industries such as aerospace and defense (A&D), there... Read More

The 8 Worst Practices in Master Data Management and How to Avoid Them

The road to a successful master data management (MDM) program can be full of detours and dead ends. In this white paper, Dan Power and Julie Hunt from Hub Designs identify the eight worst practices when planning and designing a MDM and data governance program, and show you to get it right. Read More

Driving Better Business Performance with a Practical Data Strategy

What an embarrassment of riches: We have so much data that we can’t properly govern it, can’t find the time or energy to share it, and sometimes don’t even know where it all lives. This paper is for you if you’re coping with change, searching for better ways to manage and use data, or just trying to think about data more strategically. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, and this paper doesn’t present a data strategy. Rather, it will help you define one of your own, tailored to your organization,... Read More
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