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6 New Rules: Winning Finance Talent in the Digital Age

  • Source: Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
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The data deluge is changing how finance departments analyze and utilize the massive amounts of information they collect. For businesses to be competitive in the 21st century, they must fill their finance departments with people who have more than an accounting background. This infographic looks at six approaches to winning and managing finance talent. Read More

Storage Performance Testing: Load DynamiX Enables a New, Critical IT Best Practice

This report from Enterprise Management Associates explores why many leading IT organizations are implementing storage performance validation. It looks at this new IT best practice for performance assurance and storage cost savings. Read More

Load DynamiX Market Expansion: Measuring Up Nicely in Storage Performance

This report from 451 Research looks at who “measures up” in the storage performance validation and testing market. It features Load DynamiX and includes an overview about the company and its products, and a SWOT analysis. Read More

Evaluating HR Management Software: Five Key Factors that Should Guide Your Decision When Choosing an HRMS

  • Source: Sage
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As organizations look for more ways to increase productivity and profitability, human resources departments are being asked to provide more strategic input to executives. Doing so requires tools that improve access to timely, accurate information for enhanced business decision making. If you don’t have a human resource management system (HRMS), HR can end up spending too much time on repetitive day-to-day tasks like paperwork while struggling to deliver meaningful workforce insights.

The... Read More

Avoid Costly Fines: Ten Compliance Mandates You Can’t Afford to Ignore

  • Source: Sage
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  • Published:
Managing employer compliance can be a tedious task, but it’s a highly visible, important way that the human resources department minimizes risk for the business and keeps the workforce running smoothly. HR managers have to ensure that all personnel business practices follow current employment law and that proper records are kept to document companies’ compliance.

Mistakes in recordkeeping and compliance can earn your company punitive penalties and fines. Read this guide to learn how to... Read More

Top Tips for Effective Selling

  • Source: Sage
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  • Published:
This e-book provides an insight into how sales managers and owners of small- and medium-sized businesses can sell more, with tips on specific topics and advice from seasoned sales professionals.

Covering the tools you need to build upon your sales success, the e-book focuses on the practical challenges faced in sales and how these can be addressed. In particular, it examines how a customer relationship management (CRM) solution could help you save time, reduce paperwork, and provide you... Read More

Why HR Technology Design Matters: Things to Look For in a Solution that Employees Will Love to Use

Move beyond the user interface. User experience (UX) design is equal parts art and science, and more important to a people management solution than ever before. An outstanding UX is the difference between an employee getting the right information they need on the first try and a frustrated call to support.

This visual guide spotlights five UX features to watch out for in a solution employees will love to use. From more information with fewer clicks to gamified elements that engage employees,... Read More

Time Management for HR: 5 Tips for Getting it All Done

Every time an employee calls a human resources (HR) department to check a company policy, change benefits information or obtain a form, this is time spent on administration that could be spent on strategic, goal-oriented activities.

It’s time to target and destroy the traditional HR distractions that may keep your teams from reaching their full potential. This guide outlines five practices and ways to leverage new technology. By streamlining or replacing old processes, going 100 percent... Read More

Social-Powered Recruiting: Embracing the Potential of Social Networking for Recruitment

Between the large new generation of workers, rapid advances in cloud technology, and the ever-increasing pace of commerce, recruitment is changing in many ways. Savvy businesses have begun to adapt, with recruiting solutions that embrace the immense potential of social media for both recruiters and candidates. 97 percent of recruiters are already relying on social networking to some degree when filling open positions—but there is still plenty more to be done.

Learn how your organization... Read More

Is There Really a Generational Divide at Work?

Employing multiple generations can be tough, even for the most experienced managers and human resources professionals. And while every new generation brings new challenges, this unique workplace dynamic also creates exciting opportunities to unlock cross-generational potential.

Make sure your organization is ready for the future of work. This national research study from Ultimate Software and the Center for Generational Kinetics looks at factors to keep in mind when dealing with a multi-generational... Read More
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