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Bringing Order to the Overwhelming Task of Territory Management and Crediting

  • Source: IBM
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Territory management and crediting are an integral part of every sales compensation program. Download this paper to understand how you can get clarity, transparency, and consistency around territory management and sales crediting. Read this white paper to learn about:

  • The ongoing management challenges you face in complex selling environments;
  • Areas for operational improvement, and;
  • The benefits you can expect from a purpose-built solution to manage territories... Read More

Automating Incentive Plan Management

  • Source: IBM
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  • Published:
This report is based on in-depth interviews with users of compensation plan management systems at 3 banks, each with assets greater than US$50 billion. Read this report produced by Aite Group to explore:

  • the compensation plan challenges banks face,
  • how to overcome these challenges with automation, and
  • the resulting benefits.
 Read More

Sales Performance Management (SPM) for Dummies

Sales Performance Management for Dummies is designed to help you understand the process and meet the challenges of sales performance management (SPM). This book can help you understand the importance of SPM, key components of an SPM system, and the guidelines to evaluate the best SPM solution that fits your organization's needs.

Topics include:
  • Chapter 1: What you need to know about SPM
  • Chapter 2: Seeing the benefits of SPM solution
  • Chapter 3: Ten things... Read More

Beyond The Commission: Will You Stay Ahead of the SPM Maturity Curve?

This new research report by Peter Ostrow (VP Sales Effectiveness at Aberdeen Group) has endeavored to share peer-driven recommendations for the modern sales leader and sales operations practitioner, around both basic and advanced sales performance management best practices that work. See some of the interesting facts from the 246 end-user organization surveyed by Aberdeen to understand their sales performance management best practices. Report Highlights include:

The Rise of Mobile Access to Your ERP Data

Mobile user access to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other back-office systems has become a core requirement as organizations seek operational efficiency and deepening customer engagement. Without mobile access, system users are disadvantaged by needing to return to a desktop, often after a job is completed, to enter data relating to that job and get information about other jobs. Frequently that information is not entered at all, which becomes a further hindrance to user adoption of your... Read More

The Future of the Manufacturing Supply Chain—Networked, Mobile, and Collaborative

  • Source: IDC
  • Written By:
  • Published:
As we move through 2015, the subject of the future of the supply chain has come back into focus. What does the future supply chain look like, and what do we expect some of the essential characteristics to be? Although this requires a degree of speculation, there are also some trends and technologies that clearly are having, and will continue to have, an enormous impact on the supply chain:

  • The next-generation supply chain will be a networked supply chain that will sit at the center... Read More

Creating a Modern, Effective Manufacturing Environment with ERP

In today's manufacturing industry, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have become ubiquitous. In fact, Aberdeen's 2014 Business Management and ERP Benchmark Survey found that 97% of leading manufacturers use ERP, in comparison to 88% of followers. But just because an organization has implemented ERP, it does not mean that they are getting the most out of their technology environment. Rather, top-performing manufacturers ensure that their ERP solution is being used to its fullest extent... Read More

How to Make Any Content SEO-friendly

  • Source: Anvil
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  • Published:
Content marketing has become an important piece of a modern digital marketing plan. Marketing teams are producing more content than ever, working closely with editorial teams, and pumping out blog posts—all to attract more potential buyers to their web properties. In this new digital landscape, writers and content marketers are key players in the search optimization equation, but most don't yet know the rules of the SEO road.

In this e-book, we'll tell you everything you need to know to... Read More

The B2B Online Marketing Playbook: A CEO's Guide to Risks and Rewards

How do you know which online marketing tactics will reward your company with more buyers? And which will drain away your time and resources with nothing to show for the risk? This playbook is a practical, easy-to-use guide to help you make these decisions. You'll get a quick introduction to 10 key online marketing concepts with the information you need to make smart investments, generate higher quality leads, boost your company's revenue, and avoid costly, time-wasting mistakes.  Read More

CEO Perspective: 5 Ways Marketing Automation Can Optimize & Grow Your Business

Learn how automation improves ROI by making sales and marketing more efficient and more effective, and makes marketing accountable through measurement. Read More
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