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Focus on Production: How to Bring the Last 10 Percent of Production Efficiency to the Production Line

With increasing opportunities for increased sales you may be looking to invest in new capital machines and production lines. Before making that investment—which you will then have to keep on the books for years to come and be saddled with the increased break even—take a look at some options that could give you the increased production capabilities without the increased investment.

Read this white paper to see if this approach fits your business. Read More

Win More Business with Fewer Sales Resources: Reconfigure Discrete Manufacturing Sales Processes to Thrive

  • Source: Infor
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If you’re a sales executive at a discrete manufacturer, there’s a good chance you’ll soon face a perfect storm of significantly greater sales opportunities that must be pursued by a smaller, less experienced sales team. At many discrete manufacturers, there are experienced sales professionals who will be retiring soon and, unless provisions are made, will take considerable institutional knowledge with them.

But sales executives who see the problems on the horizon early enough and act quickly... Read More

Productivity Cycle: Transforming Your Workforce from an Expense to a Profit Center

  • Source: Infor
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Company profits are driven, directly or indirectly, by the performance of every employee. Performance data for specific positions, carefully selected from available metrics, can be used to improve each employee. Productive employees will in turn increase the output of a position as a whole, which will lead to increased company profits.

But job effectiveness can only be maximized through the use of proper performance metrics that accurately define success in a specific position at the individual... Read More

Move Beyond Lean to Build a Competitive Advantage: Strategies for Discrete Manufacturers

  • Source: Infor
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For companies that make complex, configurable products, lean manufacturing principles have become an integral part of their day-to-day operations. Over the past 30 years, lean has helped these companies streamline manufacturing and supply chain processes to eliminate waste and deliver other important business benefits.

But there’s now statistical evidence showing that in discrete manufacturing the presumed benefits from lean have not yielded the competitive advantage that manufacturers... Read More

What One ERP Failing Could Hamstring Your Automotive Lean Initiative?

  • Source: IFS
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Tight supply chains—like those found in the automotive industry—require highly integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed specifically for the automotive sector. Because ERP has its origins in the automotive industry, repetitive manufacturers in the automotive sector are particularly well-served by many established software offerings.

This white paper looks at one gap in these solutions that will put even the most sophisticated automotive manufacturer at risk. What... Read More

Going Beyond Process Modeling—Part 1: Why Do We Manage Processes?

Business process modeling is a recognized practice in describing, analyzing, and improving business operations. In many organizations, the model itself is the end product that communicates the business process to stakeholders; however, significant benefits can be realized by moving beyond process modeling to process automation.

This paper provides an overview of the current state of process modeling and automation practices and technologies, and outlines the drivers and benefits of moving... Read More

G2 Crowd Grid Report for Expense Management—Winter 2015

This report from G2 Crowd gives information and comparison data about expense management products that have received a minimum of 10 reviews/ratings on G2 Crowd by mid-February 2015. Products are ranked by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact) and placed into four categories on the grid: leaders, contenders, niche, and high performers. Read the report to see how real users have ranked some of the most popular expense... Read More

Cloud Computing Opportunity for Service Providers

Cloud computing is a big opportunity for service providers but it comes with its own challenges, both technological and operational, ranging from integration into existing systems and service assurance to billing, reporting, and compliance. This white paper looks at the business case for offering cloud computing and explores some of the technical and other challenges faced with providing cloud services. Read More

Offering Hosted Exchange: What it Takes

Hosted exchange is a natural extension of business for web hosts who have traditionally provided email services along with hosting websites. This white paper discusses what it takes to offer hosted exchange and elaborates on the important role of an automation control panel that serves as the missing link between the MS Exchange Suite of products and offering the MS Exchange as a service.  Read More

Leadership Skills Assessment

Is your business throwing away money? SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, estimated that it costs $3,500 to replace one $8.00 per hour employee when all costs—recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, reduced productivity, etc.—were considered. This paper will tell you how to not only save money but improve your human resource talent. It provides a step-by-step approach for assessing and matching the leadership skill set of a new hire or promotion candidate with the skill set best... Read More
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