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Avoid Costly Fines: Ten Compliance Mandates You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Managing employer compliance can be a tedious task, but it’s a highly visible, important way that the human resources department minimizes risk for the business and keeps the workforce running smoothly. HR managers have to ensure that all personnel business practices follow current employment law and that proper records are kept to document companies’ compliance.

Mistakes in recordkeeping and compliance can earn your company punitive penalties and fines. Read this guide to learn how to... Read More

Top Tips for Effective Selling

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This e-book provides an insight into how sales managers and owners of small- and medium-sized businesses can sell more, with tips on specific topics and advice from seasoned sales professionals.

Covering the tools you need to build upon your sales success, the e-book focuses on the practical challenges faced in sales and how these can be addressed. In particular, it examines how a customer relationship management (CRM) solution could help you save time, reduce paperwork, and provide you... Read More

Why HR Technology Design Matters: Things to Look For in a Solution that Employees Will Love to Use

Move beyond the user interface. User experience (UX) design is equal parts art and science, and more important to a people management solution than ever before. An outstanding UX is the difference between an employee getting the right information they need on the first try and a frustrated call to support.

This visual guide spotlights five UX features to watch out for in a solution employees will love to use. From more information with fewer clicks to gamified elements that engage employees,... Read More

Social-Powered Recruiting: Embracing the Potential of Social Networking for Recruitment

Between the large new generation of workers, rapid advances in cloud technology, and the ever-increasing pace of commerce, recruitment is changing in many ways. Savvy businesses have begun to adapt, with recruiting solutions that embrace the immense potential of social media for both recruiters and candidates. 97 percent of recruiters are already relying on social networking to some degree when filling open positions—but there is still plenty more to be done.

Learn how your organization... Read More

Is There Really a Generational Divide at Work?

Employing multiple generations can be tough, even for the most experienced managers and human resources professionals. And while every new generation brings new challenges, this unique workplace dynamic also creates exciting opportunities to unlock cross-generational potential.

Make sure your organization is ready for the future of work. This national research study from Ultimate Software and the Center for Generational Kinetics looks at factors to keep in mind when dealing with a multi-generational... Read More

Improving the Candidate Experience for Recruitment: Why First Impressions are Everything

In today's job market, the pressure is on when it comes to planning for a positive candidate experience. Job seekers are more vocal than ever, openly posting their job search experiences throughout their social networks. Therefore a positive candidate experience can generate highly beneficial word-of-mouth, while a bad experience can damage your company's reputation and make others less likely to apply.

Read this guide to discover how you can provide an engaging recruitment experience while... Read More

10 Ways to Spot Your Top Performers

Top performers at any organization are highly engaged, flexible, reliable, eager to improve, and in tune with your corporate culture. They’re the ones that can inspire your business to grow and change for the better.

Despite these qualities, it can be tough to pick out your high performers and high potential employees from the crowd. That’s where this guide comes in. Act to spot and retain your top talent proactively now—more than 2 million Americans voluntarily leave their jobs every month.

These... Read More

Setting Smarter Sales Performance Management Goals

  • Source: IBM
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Better sales performance management (SPM) capabilities that include advanced analytics and reporting allow organizations to gain real-time insight into sales operations, provide stakeholders with actionable steps, and increase revenues and profits. Read this IBM white paper to learn more. Read More

The New Era of Incentive Compensation Management

  • Source: IBM
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Good news: the budget and authority to buy strategic technologies—like incentive compensation management (ICM)—that drive your success are being put in your hands.

Bad news: because of more sophisticated ICM requirements and other business realities, ICM solutions are becoming more complex to purchase.

Read this new paper and learn why more organizations are responding to this dilemma by choosing cloud-based ICM. You’ll discover:

  • Six issues causing organizations... Read More

Bringing Order to the Overwhelming Task of Territory Management and Crediting

  • Source: IBM
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  • Published:
Territory management and crediting are an integral part of every sales compensation program. Download this paper to understand how you can get clarity, transparency, and consistency around territory management and sales crediting. Read this white paper to learn about:

  • The ongoing management challenges you face in complex selling environments;
  • Areas for operational improvement, and;
  • The benefits you can expect from a purpose-built solution to manage territories... Read More
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