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The Game Changes: 10 Essential Elements for Truly Effective Compliance Programs

This white paper by compliance expert Richard Steinberg outlines some key themes that give organizations greater clarity in developing highly effective and efficient compliance programs. Read More

ERP Selection in Aerospace and Defense: How Modularity Supports Industry Transformation

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There is danger in assuming that what you perceive at first glance embodies the total issue. If you are navigating a naval frigate in Arctic waters, you know that an ice formation on the horizon may look relatively small, but warrants close attention as it might be a massive, drifting iceberg with most of its bulk hidden beneath the water line.

When it comes to selecting enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for asset-intensive industries such as aerospace and defense (A&D), there... Read More

The 8 Worst Practices in Master Data Management and How to Avoid Them

The road to a successful master data management (MDM) program can be full of detours and dead ends. In this white paper, Dan Power and Julie Hunt from Hub Designs identify the eight worst practices when planning and designing a MDM and data governance program, and show you to get it right. Read More

Driving Better Business Performance with a Practical Data Strategy

What an embarrassment of riches: We have so much data that we can’t properly govern it, can’t find the time or energy to share it, and sometimes don’t even know where it all lives. This paper is for you if you’re coping with change, searching for better ways to manage and use data, or just trying to think about data more strategically. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, and this paper doesn’t present a data strategy. Rather, it will help you define one of your own, tailored to your organization,... Read More

A New Generation of Business Analytics: Beyond BI and Data Discovery Tools

This white paper discusses the importance of employing advanced data visualization and data discovery as part of a broader enterprise business intelligence and business analytics strategy. It demonstrates how this approach will expand the scope of analytic capabilities to include self-service reporting and dashboard creation, so employees at all levels of the organizations can uncover insights and measure related outcomes—while leveraging existing tools, talent, and infrastructure. Read More

The CIO’s Top Three Priorities: Transforming from Technology Leader to Business Leader

New technologies and emerging innovations, combined with the ever-shifting demands of the business, make the CIO's list of priorities longer each year. This white paper takes a close look at the CIO's objectives and how data management and analytics play a part. Authored by Dr. Rado Kotorov, Chief Innovation Officer & VP Market Strategy, Information Builders, the paper discusses how CIOs are positioned to become stronger drivers and enablers of business success. Real-world case studies are presented... Read More

Reinventing Self-Service for Wide-Scale Adoption of Analytics

Self-service analytics allows anyone, anywhere to leverage data for improved decision-making—without complicated tools or extensive training. This first of two white papers covering self-service analytics answers your important questions: How do I meet the needs of different user communities? Is my data self-service ready? Where does big data fit in? It also features real-world successes as well as the WebFOCUS BI platform for analytics, with its broad array of features and capabilities for publishing... Read More

The Guide to Why Individual Health Insurance Costs Employees Less than Group Health Insurance

On average, individual health insurance costs employees less than group health insurance. And as of 2014, there are new advantages to individual health insurance.

For these reasons leading experts agree that defined contribution paired with individual health insurance is the future of small business health insurance. Why does individual health insurance cost less? What are the new advantages? Why does this matter to small businesses?

Download this e-book to learn more. Read More

How to Navigate Health Insurance: A Guide for the Self-Employed & Small Business Owner

In an ideal world, health insurance would be as easy as one, two, three—right? In reality, navigating health insurance isn’t exactly easy.

Download this e-book to:
  • Understand health insurance options for small businesses and the self-employed
  • Learn key health insurance terms
  • Navigate health reform
 Read More

The Small Business Guide to Individual Health Insurance Reimbursement: How to Save 20% to 60% by Switching to Individual Health Insurance

Nationwide, small businesses are switching to individual health insurance reimbursement to offer excellent health benefits at a controllable cost.

Download this e-book to learn:
  • How to save 20 percent to 60 percent by reimbursing employees for individual health insurance
  • Three key advantages of individual health insurance
  • Why 2.7 million small businesses don't offer health insurance today
  • Two ways to reimburse employees for individual health insurance
 Read More
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